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Hunt For The Wilderpeople

03 Apr 2016
@ 04:54 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi all, just a note to say that we went to see The Hunt For TheWilderpeople at the flicks today. This movie is loosely based on the Barry Crump book - Wild pork and watercress.

The movie differed from the book a good deal but was nevertheless a joy to watch. Some nice shots of the Urewera's and central plateau. Sam Niel and the cast did extremely well, lots of laughs from the audience, even a few folk clapping at the end which nobody seems to do anymore.

Loved the piss take reference to Lord of the rings and other jokes. Was great to see the iconic swanny and lee Enfield back in film. Even a Svord knife for the Svord fans.

If you have not visited the NZ bush and want to have a sneak preview at the flicks, watch this movie, you can almost smell the manuka (tea tree).


Reese Darby: "Am I a bush or am I am man, or am I...... a bush ... man".

Reese Darby: "Crumpy will help". (Neil) "who's Crumpy" (Darby) Pulls back a tarp in the bush to reveal a 1980's series Hilux similar to that used by Crump in the Toyota TV campaign. "Crumpy".

Sam Niel: "This shit just got real... again".


Author Barry Crump in the original Toyota commercial for context:


03 Apr 2016
@ 05:26 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Hunt For The Wilderpeople
Way too funny!

"...cuz your obviously white."

Sure hope it makes it's way to our side of the puddle.

Thanks for sharing that, Nathan
05 Apr 2016
@ 12:23 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Hunt For The Wilderpeople
Sorry to go on about this but I wanted to mention other subtle aspects of The Hunt For the Wilderpeople. For example, there was a continuous hint of the music score from the movie Gallipoli (1981 / starring Mel Gibson and Mark lee).

Gallipoli was a film about the ANZAC's during WWI. It was unique in that it featured the music of Jean Mechel Jarre from the album oxygene. So we had a movie based on the 1914 time period, but a then new electro / trance genre soundtrack which gave it an immensely unique eerie atmosphere. Then along comes the hunt for the wilderpeople and we see old Heck with his SMLE while the Gallipoli sound score tries to break through, along with Dave Dobbyn's classic "Magic what she do" as a way to link us back to the more recent past and Crumps hey days as a writer and NZ celeb.

Very subtle and very clever.
06 Apr 2016
@ 12:47 am (GMT)

Dan Keene

Re: Hunt For The Wilderpeople
Yes Nathan it was an awesome movie. Suzi and I thoroughly enjoyed it too.
I think the film budget must have been tight - The Hunters using a Savage Axis and Remington 783!
Not a Tikka T3 in sight.
AND stopping a boar that size with a 22lr.
Taika needs to get you on board to advise on firearms in his next movie.
Will be going to see it again soon though its a classic.
16 Apr 2016
@ 10:57 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Hunt For The Wilderpeople
Me and my wife finally manage to go see it yesterday.
its bloody brilliant, a great amount of humour the whole way through.

on a separate note when did nz movies have ads at the start it use to have just previews for other movies now it got ads for telecommunication companies and all sorts of stuff, the movies must really be struggling.


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