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What a fiasco

18 Mar 2016
@ 07:07 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

We own a small flock of sheep and graze them in small reserve,but they running very short on tucker so we got access to another couple of few blocks to graze.
we had a bit of a look at the fences and did a bit of titivation (not enough as it turned out)
rounded up the flock and loaded first mob onto car trailer and delivered no worries
2nd lot leapt out of trailer and leapt through fence into neighboring paddock!!!!!!!
on foot without dogs we got them back to fence 5 times and even rugby takled 3 of the 6 and chucked them back guessed it straight back out again
"go home and get a rifle" SWMBO yells at me
off home I drive 1/4 hr each way and return to paddock just before dark
sheep are all standing in middle of neighbors clover paddock, walk towards them and work out safe back drop and sit down at 50 yards
1st 3 shots 3 down next sheep 2 shots same for 5th sheep but 6th took me 4 as I got all flustered and were trying to poke holes in head departments but didnt allow for 3" high at 100 yards DOH
As a result I shot last 2 through shoulders...55grn speer soft point from .223 did the job but wasnt instant...last one took 20 seconds to drop.
damage wasnt too bad I think I will get one messy roast to bone and mince up
got home at 21;00 and started skinning
6 well presented carcasses hanging in garage by 23;00
not a bad effort on the knife for an old fat truck driver who is a bit out of practice
moral of story......make plurry sure fences are 110% BEFORE letting sheep go


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