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.30 carbine for Pinsy woods Rooters

13 Jan 2021
@ 10:08 pm (GMT)

Roy Hearn

Have you tested .30 M1 carbine ?
I realize that semi-auto rifles got banned,
And it is not really a hunting cartridge,
But we have a different situation in East Texas.


Millions of piney woods rooters.
Originally farm pigs set loose by Spanish, French explorers
Later by English settlers, they evolved primarily black
To weigh about 150 pounds.

They are a pest that can be hunted 24/7
365 days a year, even at night.
We are supposed to have a hunting license but on your own
Land the game warden would not mind, if you don't.
Semi-auto rifles for hunting are good in texas, unless rimfire.

I have killed several at one encounter using buckshot, a few pigs ran off wounded, I got them the next morning.
My wife finished one from a tractor seat with her .357 revolver.

Recently I killed one with a Rossi Puma .357 carbine.
The Hornady 140 grain FTX bullets.
It took more than one shot to put it down.

I'm thinking about getting an M1 carbine because of
Velocity Advantages over any 357 rifle.
A magazine of 15 seems about right, 3" groups open sights.



These S&B soft points are sold in boxes of 50.


5 pound carbine traditional stock pouch holds 2 mags of 15 rds
Light recoil that appeals to women. I'm thinking one spare mag
In it. Our sidearms are .45 caliber.
I like a Blackhawk .45 Colt, she prefers the .410 / .45 LC Judge.

My wife's Mini-30 weighs over 7 1/2 pounds, inaccurate
Unless we use expensive American made ammo.

She doesn't care much for it anymore.
( I am thinking of converting it to 6.8 SPC for my myself
So a new Inland carbine might help her let go of "her" rifle.)

6 million ( and growing) in the US
Has been called "Pig Bomb".

Two kinds of landowners in Texas
Those that have hogs, and those who will have hogs.

See this :

I am thinking about making a big hog trap,
A fenced lane leading to a pen with a sow in it,
breeding her with boars in the trap
For a perpetual hog magnet.

I just retired, have time on my hands, decent money.

They say any (small ) trap the pigs eventually get smart
But a sow and her piglets should fool them forever.

My farm is up against 600 acres of Timber, hunting club lease
Behind it is miles more of timberlands.


The hogs plowed up about an acre beyond my pasture fence
Overnight, one time.

I bought new batteries and wiring for my old Golf Cart
We use it to inspect the 90 acre farm, fencing projects
A scabbard for the carbine could be compact and practical.

Duck hunters from the adjacent lake told me that I have a beaver dam in the back, haven't scouted it because
Frequent rain keeps the creek hard to cross.
An M1 carbine would be a dandy scout rifle.

I read that M1 carbine is good for cougars, they are so
Lean, have little physical reserve for being shot.
Heard them one time, like a woman or baby scream.
My neighbor saw one walk right by his house.
( I have a spring fed pond on my farm near their house ).

We also have Black Panthers, Jaguar, in the area.
I have seen two myself.

East Texas has huge National Forests, like Davy Crockett
Which Is North of Groveton going up to Lufkin.
Lufkins high school team name us the panthers.

Brushy Creek is 10 miles of woodlands that lead South to
Lake Livingston which is a river fed reservoir so big they had two Hydroelectric plants installed in the last few years.

Another large timberland is called Fountain creek,
On the other side of the highway by my house, it adjoins
The old 100 acre Sawmill Lake by Groveton. Hunters report
Seeing black panthers there.

People saw bears being brought in on cages
To the Davy Crockett Nat. Forest ten years ago,
By Ratcliff, a spot halfway to the town of Crockett.
Cinnamon colored, the people who live in Kennard
See them walking in the tree line.
Kennard is surrounded by the Davy Crockett N.F.
Word is the forest rangers turned them loose to eat hogs.
A black bear can have cinnamon colored cubs in her litter.

Game wardens joke that if a sow has six piglets in her litter
Seven survive.

Ted Nugent like to use helicopters and .233 rifles to kill hogs.
A team goes back to collect the pigs.
Texas has recently made it legal for helicopters to charge for this.

The Motor City madman ( Nugent ) moved to Texas
Years ago...



20 Feb 2021
@ 02:11 am (GMT)

Ed Sybert

Re: .30 carbine for Pinsy woods Rooters
Hi Roy:

You said: "Recently I killed one with a Rossi Puma .357 carbine.
The Hornady 140 grain FTX bullets.
It took more than one shot to put it down."

You didn't mention shot placement or distance. Both of which could have had a role in your need for more than one shot. Even with proper hunting bullets in the .30 Carbine, I doubt that it would be a better killer inside 50 yards, maybe 75 yards. Beyond that range, I would not attempt a shot with either for ethical reasons.

Have you considered the ubiquitous .223 Remington? In my experience, it should perform better than either .357 Magnum or .30 Carbine; while extending the range to at least 100 yards - again with proper bullets only.

22 Feb 2021
@ 10:03 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: .30 carbine for Pinsy woods Rooters
yeah nah.....the m1 carbine WAS popular for pigs years back,when mobs were common and folks KNEW how to use dogs to bail mobs...BUT the 44 magnum or 30/30 soon left it in the dust as both are better killers of mr piggy.
Ive killed pigs with 22lr and wont do so again...your 7.62x39mm is a fine round for pigs under 150 say yours inaccurate...please DEFINE shooting sub 150 yards,so you only really need to achieve 6" at that range for ethical kills.... you saying the American ammunition is expensive,and in same breath the M1 carbine stuff is cheap....well it might be now,and you might be able to find it today...but in 6mths time????
if you look at what M1 carbine was DESIGNED replace officers 45apc was always a short range weapon.
factory ammunition over here runs from $1-7
you want to hunt animals,I believe its your moral responsibility to do so in way to kill them as cleanly as possible has been said above the 223 is a fairly good option and you shouldnt have issues finding one to work for you,ammunition comes in all sorts of varieties and any of the better stuff will work fine...the reasonably cheap hornady with thier 55grnsp is a good honest no nonsence round.


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