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Cow Moose Hunt (Quick Kill By Luck alone)

09 Nov 2020
@ 04:18 pm (GMT)

Matthew Morrison

Last week Wednesday, we gathered at a quarter section of virginal Alberta land in the middle of thousands of acres of mostly grain field farmland and pushed bush South to North. The Cow Moose known to be in this quarter flushed out the North side within 10 min. She saw me and turned back into the bush quite quickly. I was elevated about 30 yards and 100 yards away. The shot entered her left hind quarter below the spine and given I was shooting down and she was quartered away, the bullet traveled through into the pelvis penetrating her left iliac artery, She dropped in 10 feet (from the hydrostatic shock, I think, but bled out very fast and never got up.


15 Nov 2020
@ 05:51 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Cow Moose Hunt (Quick Kill By Luck alone)
Hi Matthew. Thanks for sharing those pics. In pic #2, I can’t tell who’s happier, the hunter or the cat!


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