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Deer callers for female hunters

01 Feb 2020
@ 07:40 pm (GMT)

Hannah Clemen

Hi all,

I primarily hunt Sambar here in Victoria but am starting to learn about techniques for hunting Red Deer for future trips to Qld and NZ.

Part of this is calling in roaring red stags. I have been practicing with various tubes but as I am a woman I am having trouble getting the deeper tones. I was wondering if anyone can recommend any callers that have extra resonance for us ladies? I would also like to get better at calling in fallow bucks in the rut, so a caller that can allow me to do both species would be ideal. I have been looking into the Hubertus Stag Caller but at over $100 I would want to know it would work for me.

Further down the track I aspire to hunt wapiti (however I understand if the callers for this species are a different design so as to get the bugle sound right).

While I am open to electronic callers, I really do prefer the 'art' of blown callers.

Thanks everyone for any advice or recommendations :)


02 Feb 2020
@ 01:24 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Deer callers for female hunters
Hannah. I'm no expert but Ive heard some good deep calls using a 3 liter choke Bottle (Too big and noisy) with the bottom cut off it. Although some people get a good tone from a piece of Black farm water pipe.
Here's a vid on the subject from our West coast mate Josh James AKA the Kiwi Bushman. He possibly has a few valid points about why his favorite is a bit ov vacuum cleaner hose. As for the growl noise just go as low as you can It's just a long angry grunt from down inside your gut. Dont be shy have a crack. Practice makes perfect.... Hard if you live in town with close neighbors.....Good luck

You may find this interesting too?
04 Feb 2020
@ 12:18 pm (GMT)

Hannah Clemen

Re: Deer callers for female hunters
Thanks for the advice and links Wawrick. The Kiwi Bushman and Waikarimoana guys seem like nice blokes with heaps of knowledge and skill. If I end up with enough coin to afford a guided hunt I would love to go on a trip with them sometime.

I have some 35mm ribbed diverter hose that I'll play with, and may see if I can get some 50mm. I live in a rural area so no problems with weird noises, there are a few Reds in the hills around me too so you never know what I might be able to call up. There is also a Red Deer farm about 20km from me so I could go and have a listen to them too.

05 Feb 2020
@ 12:35 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Deer callers for female hunters
You may have an advantage with the higher tones. I've not called Reds, but do call moose, and used to call elk (wapiti) by voice. During the rut, the males have the primary urge to mate, but they also have an innate dislike for upstart wannabes that are trying to muscle in on their cows. With the higher tone, you may not sound like a fully mature male, but you will certainly get their attention if their cows are around. I've found that one thing the bulls don't like, or at least makes them cautious, is the call coming from an equal or bigger male. Another way to get them running in, is to call like a bull, turn 180*, and call like a cow, but aimed down into the ground. (Theoretically, this scatters the call so the bull knows she is there but can't pinpoint her location. Seems to work well.) Cupped hands also can be utilised to enhance, diminish or aim your call. Have fun. Nothing quite gets your hair on end like a bull elk coming in neck stretched out, screaming for all he is worth, and headed right at you.
05 Feb 2020
@ 06:06 pm (GMT)

Hannah Clemen

Re: Deer callers for female hunters
Thanks for the tips Paul, I'll take all that on board as I start working on my calls. I didn't realize one can make wapiti calls 'au naturale', I'll have fun practicing those when the time comes!

Does anyone have any advice for fallow rut strategies as well? I have some nice fallow habitat around me too so would like to be ready for them next month when the rut starts.

It seems I'll need to go outside to practice though, as I'm completely freaking the cat out!
01 Sep 2020
@ 06:48 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Deer callers for female hunters
greetings Hannah.....if you watch some of the NZHunter adventures shows you will see maa Duley (Fiona) out there and often showing the boys up with fine marksmanship and sika calling..... with red DONT want to sound all big n tough....why would you want to pick a fight with someone who sounds like Arni or Sylvester??? big stag with hinds will see off smaller stags so may come in from close to chase them away....smaller stags may come in to big stag to try n pinch his ladies....
sounding like run of mill stag or slightly LESSER than stag you targeting means he may come in full of P&V/machoness thinking he will give you a hiding...making your roars timing less than his helps too. dont roar more than him...and if he roaring well on own....dont roar at all...get all ninga sneaky and work your way in to him SILENTLY...he will hear you when you within 50 yards and try and suss you thing for sure its a very exciting way to hunt. wind direction is everything when in this close.
03 Sep 2020
@ 10:57 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Deer callers for female hunters
It's that time of year, here in BC. Honing the call for our Oct 1 hunt.

Hannah - do you have a link to the calls you named? I would be interested in their methods and resonance, to see if they would be usable here.

Wapiti rut should be starting in earnest in another week (Sept 10 -20). Moose in about three for the pre-rut (head shaking, posturing, sizing up the competition)


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