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Driven Boar

29 Nov 2019
@ 08:41 am (GMT)

Francis Saunders

So I’ve been invited the last five or so years over the France to have a crack at there driven boar!
For those that dont know. The Boar are driven towards you in a drive and once the run past you you can have a crack at shooting them.
As there going at 30 odd mph you don’t get much of a chance, in between dodging trees and bushes.
So to improve my chances I’ve been going up to a driven boar range here in the uk.
There’s a target of a boar on a sledge that runs at the same speed a boar runs.
You shoot when it shows and then it gets to the end of its run the target flips and you have a go on it’s return. Loads of fun. Once your magazine is empty you walk up and see how you have gotten on.
So my instructor has directed me to start like so.
When you see the big gun up and aim at the nuts! Keep the foresight on his nuts and once you have picked where you will take him come up and through to the ear.
Nuts to ear! A to B. It’s very simple and after three lessons the penny drops and I’m away. At 30 yards I’m now up to 80% kill ratios bit more practice and I’ll be in the 95%.
It’s a little different than shotguning as you do have more time.
Anyway just thought some might find this interesting for when your in close.
Cheers F


02 Feb 2020
@ 12:57 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Driven Boar
Thanks Francis. Sounds like you're getting it mastered. What Cal rifle and sights are you using? Low power scope, open sights or red dot?
19 Feb 2020
@ 10:13 pm (GMT)

Michael Seager

Re: Driven Boar
Personally I use 9.3x62 with a Leica red dot.

If you join the BSRC at Bisley, they have a 100yd running deer target for centre fires and a 50yd running boar range shot with .22lr (Have a red dot for my .22lr mimics my 9.3 x62 sight picture)

20 Feb 2020
@ 08:20 am (GMT)

bryan long

Re: Driven Boar
Braces in Bristol have a running pig target, they can adjust the speed and you can walk in and out to any range from 100 yards down.
Mostly the shoot from stands at 50 yards.

Good place to practice and judge the pigs pace and what lead or not to give. 300 Wing Mag gets to them fast
enjoy the trip, Bryan


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