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Another Spot to Wait

28 May 2019
@ 12:04 am (GMT)

Todd Free

This spot is on top of a 15m tall granite boulder on the edge of a ridge that splits the property I hunt at in half. The hill in the centre of the photo has lots of openings for potential spots to see pigs, goats or fox. This day all I could find was lounging roo. Shots would be in the 375 to 650 yard range depending on where the target appears. Winds are almost always from right to left.

I have had good luck in the drainage below the hill in the past, often encountering small groups of young bucks passing through.

Walking the ridge is a good way to hear young goats giving away their presence and location.

No luck so far from the pictured vantage point.


07 Mar 2020
@ 02:45 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Another Spot to Wait
Looks good. Your not giving away your position by sky lining your silhouette on the bright horizon with your movement climbing onto the rock?

Like these clowns on our roof one day... From the Ministry of Drinking safety and health Dept......

08 Mar 2020
@ 04:26 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Another Spot to Wait
Funny how things are different yet the same. We use the same silhouette for hunting caribou. They think it's another bull and wander over. Not the brightest of the ungulates. But tasty.


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