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450 bushmaster

17 May 2019
@ 05:51 am (GMT)

edward donahey

Quick back story. I started hunting deer in western Washington state south of the olympic mountains in 1985 while stationed at Ft Lewis, reassigned to Ft Bragg in 1986-88 (tiny deer 40-70 lbs). Moved back to southern Michigan and have hunted deer all over Michigan. Using a 12 gauge or 30-06 Sako/Khales scope. Purchased a AR platform in 450 Bushmaster because we can use this round in the shotgun zones. I've taken 7 deer using factory Hornady ammo, with proper shot placement they certainly drop instantly ( closest shot 15 yards, most shots 100-125 yards, longest shot 182 yards). Started reloading these for practice, I have reloaded some 200 XPB Barnes. I did shoot Army service rifle competition from 85-88, had an incredible instructor that taught us how to shoot via sling use etc.. 100% it is the way! I still train occasionally with a former SOCOM sniper, I cannot encourage people to properly train to shoot in every possible position you will potentially shoot a game animal.

Question is has anyone here used this cartridge on equal or larger game using Barnes 200 or 275 XPB? I don't expect to try and shoot anything past 200 yards with the 200, or past 150 yards with the 275. I use these distances due to bullet velocity and lowest limits for proper expansion. The AR platform limits the maximum velocity potential due to pressure levels...

PS thanks for the incredible in-depth knowledge on this site! Soon I'll purchase the package book deal.


21 May 2019
@ 08:05 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 450 bushmaster
Hi Ed, sorry, only just seen this. If you want to give this a go, it will work fine. Even if if the petals come away, they will get the job done. I would rather use these bullets at these velocities than run them at handgun speeds.

In very rough terms, if the XPB bullet is upset as it impacts (whether it peels back into a star form or sheds the petals altogether, there will be a great deal of energy transfer, creating a high level of hydraulic force down to between 1700fps and 1600fps. There is still some measure of of hydraulic action down to around 1400fps but wounding is more proportionate to the expanded caliber. Once you get down to 1300fps, wounds will be entirely proportionate to the expanded caliber with the exception of major bone strikes.

I hope that helps a bit.
27 May 2019
@ 04:54 am (GMT)

edward donahey

Re: 450 bushmaster
Thanks for the reply and confirming what I suspected is true.
I was hoping someone might have some experience with these bullets on hogs or larger heavy boned game.

Keep up the great work!


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