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Kangaroo Cull NSW

12 Aug 2018
@ 09:32 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Hello all,

There has recently been announced a massive lifting of restrictions on Kangaroo shooting by the NSW government in light of this massive drought Australia is sitting in presently. The rules are nearly a free for all, the landowner only needs to gain permission which I am sure will be handed out like political pamphlets at a voting booth on election day; the type of landowner has been widened and limits have been removed as well as the "let lie" rules once shot. The carcasses must not be taken off the property (for commercial purposes) but otherwise do what you want...

I know most shooters care little for roos. Some kind of beast that is shot but not spoken about for fear of prosecution. But we know they are shot because people brag either through ignorance or pride. I am guilty of this myself, I am cautious to type it even as there are severe penalties for shooting protected species.

That said, I did some math. The CSIRO recommends that we eat no more than 455g of red meat a week. An average Eastern Grey Kangaroo weighs 40kg, we can assume that half of that is usable meat. If the adult Australian population ate 500g of Kangaroo a week there would be enough meat to feed the country their red meat for 31 years. That is based solely on their numbers today (estimated 11 million).

Certainly one way to think about it... pest or resource? They are far better adapted to this country than sheep and beef, their environmental impact is nil. And they are tasty too.

It does beg the question why they are being culled. I know why the government says they are but does it stack up?

I'll post a link where you can register as a volunteer shooter. It is my hope you'll eat some and see their value beyond a hopping target. If yu end its life and eat it I think you will appreciate them some more.


12 Aug 2018
@ 09:33 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Kangaroo Cull NSW
Link is here for NSW shooters
12 Aug 2018
@ 11:39 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Kangaroo Cull NSW
The let lie rule is so that, no one can make money, gets sick, feeds the poor, compete with the tax paying charities, gains flavour with the people and most importantly! Feeds the wild dogs giving more work to the pest control company's. That are owned by people with interests......

Here in New Zealand. The government has set itself up a factory & industry making 1080 poison. It sells it to contractors with licences. The contractors tender for the aerial poisoning contracts of the National parks.Paying the Government to poison introduced species mainly the Australian brush tailed opossum. Rats,mice, pig's, goats and Deer are the primary species killed. Dogs, cats, stoats and any creatures that eat/ scavenge the dead carcass will also die. The result is that the government make money from selling the poison. Selling the contract to lay the poison. Get secondary killing from the first kill. Get tax revenue return from the contractors buying of helicopters,fuel vehicle's, wages, poison, licences for aircraft, road user taxes, income tax I could go on. ........ I'm sure that you get the point......
It's a great deal for the government eh! Using the tax payers dollars to set up profitable company's to profit from taxes. The end result is that from a million dollar government contract tendered out. The government knows that it's going to get 15% of it back in GST plus all the other taxes the contractor has to pay. ?
I think the NSW Government is being a bit short sighted getting private hunters to cull the Roos ?
If only more people could think well and see what was really happening?
12 Aug 2018
@ 02:33 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Kangaroo Cull NSW
I hear you man. Our government is constantly pushing for private institutions to do things from health to education to services and everything else. There is little foresight or planning on the political field in Australia. If barely has the motivation to do anything past the next opinion poll. Which is somewhat of a curiosity they have asked private shooters to take part in something that is not well liked by the general public, shooting that is. I am wondering what their motivations are because most people here are scared of guns and gun owners. We are all evil mass murderers or rednecks at best.

Either way it does present an opportunity for some ballistics research though roos are fairly well lightly built like a small deer of you will. But that said, the opportunity for filling a freezer and some terminal performance research is here like never before since restrictions have been in place.
12 Aug 2018
@ 08:41 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Kangaroo Cull NSW
Yes and yet the governments soldiers have guns and are taught,trained and paid to provide the state with sanctioned murder as and where the government sees fit? "All animals are equal but some are more equal than others".

I guess it's a great way to get the people to hate more gun owner's for killing poor Ol Skippy.........

Make sure you read the fine print on the permit.
13 Aug 2018
@ 07:34 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Kangaroo Cull NSW
It is an interesting point you raise at the end there Warwick. But Kangaroos are not viewed quite highly here. They have edged their way to pest status in the minds of those that generally don't encounter them in an agricultural context by being somewhat of a road hazard.

Kangaroos are notorious for hitting cars. Most people probably won't mind a cull in all truth. Of course there is always opposition from some, but generally I don't think they'll mind.

I've not actually read or seen Animal Farm so I'll be keen to watch it later :)

As for the permits, the onus is really on the land holder. This is not to say the shooter shouldn't take precautions to protect themselves should the land holder want to absolve themselves of any wrong-doing.


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