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Waited 5 years for this shot....

29 Jul 2018
@ 07:22 pm (GMT)

Todd Free

I seldom have to take shots at game longer than 100 yds due to the tree covered granite hills I regularly hunt in.

There is one particular spot I have been wanting to take a shot from for the last 5 years. Every time I hunt I make a stop in the morning or evening and hope that there are some goats on top of "Goat Dome" as we call this 40m high granite cliff. There is usually fresh sign every couple months that the goats have camped a few nights on top, but I have never been able to catch them up there.

Finally happened this weekend.

This is the view of Goat Dome from the spot I have spent more than a few hours waiting. Distance to the high point in the light coloured granite is 325 yds.

The old goat that stayed and had a look too long.

A friend was planning to come out this weekend, but I had not heard from him so I went to the top of the dome to check my messages, as it is the only spot to get reception. As I was waiting I heard some noise in the drainage below the cliff and caught a glimpse through the trees of 2 goats heading towards the dome. I considered just waiting for them, but then looked at the spot across the drainage and decided this was it. Walked the km quickly to the spot, got set up and only had to wait 10 minutes. Four goats made their way slowly up towards the top and paused long enough for me to get the shot. Once the leader went down the others bolted for the trees and were gone down the opposite side of the dome.


06 Aug 2018
@ 03:37 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Waited 5 years for this shot....
Well worth the wait, Todd. Nice end to a good hunt. Congratulations.
02 Sep 2018
@ 06:21 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Waited 5 years for this shot....
good stuff,just as well you didnt miss LOL.
13 Nov 2018
@ 01:08 pm (GMT)

Todd Free

Re: Waited 5 years for this shot....
Got another opportunity to make a shot from this spot a couple weeks ago. Was passing by just before sunset and thought I would have a look.

Sat for 20 minutes and just as I was getting ready to leave due to poor light and no goats I could hear some crashing around in the bush near the base of the cliff. Got the binos out and started trying to locate the source of the noise. At first, the goat looked like an old burnt log (from a fire in 2017), but then it moved.

Found him on a short steep slope trying to climb a tree to get at some leaves. His back to me in an almost standing position I aimed between his shoulders, through the spine at the heart. 305 yards. When the shot hit, he jumped and took a few steps right, then bolted left behind trees and out of sight. Stayed behind the scope watching and listening but heard and saw nothing. Found him 15 yards from where he was shot.


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