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Fantastic results changing round (308)

10 Jun 2018
@ 06:22 am (GMT)

Magnus Hansson

Hello, just found this place after reading an article about terminal ballistics ..great stuff!

To the point.

Due to a a lot of mixed game in sweden from moose to foxes, I’ve gone with a heave 185gr Lapua Mega ..but hence 95% shot is roe and boar up to 150lb I often ran into problems with dead game running for approx 100 yds.

3 years ago I switched to Hornady SST 150gr, cant be more satisfied WHAT A PIECE OF KIT

I have not shot at anything surviving more than 5 sec.
The ultimate test was i boar at 50 yds this tiesday at about 150lbs ..the round was SF chronod in my rifle at V0 900msek.

The SST hit in the middle of the shoulder, exiting behind the other shoulder leaving a blood trail a blind can follow ..the boar dropped after 20m!!

Conclusion. Lapua for moose ..SST for everything else!


10 Jun 2018
@ 08:25 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Fantastic results changing round (308)
Thanks for your kind words Magnus and thanks for sharing your results.

The 165gr SF SST is also very good when used on boar, though it can cleave to some of its energy when used on Roe / light game compared to the 150gr which as you say, can produce a very fast kill.
11 Jun 2018
@ 07:01 am (GMT)

Magnus Hansson

Re: Fantastic results changing round (308)
I had a plan reloading some 165gr, but when the 150gr managed to exit a shoulder at 900msek minus 50m flying I’ll stick with the 150s. They might even work better with a bit lower V0?

IF there’s any interest in the terminal performance I can supply some pictures when its Done cooling in the chillar



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