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But it has an Elk on the box

29 May 2018
@ 05:31 pm (GMT)

Jonathan Kitterman

I was browsing the Midway USA website and came across this picture. I thought they had the wrong product picture at first. I just thought the Elk on the box of 204 Ruger ammo. Cartridge looks about correct and sticker on box says correct cartridge.
Product is HSM Trophy Gold Ammunition 204 Ruger 40 Grain Berger Varmint Hollow Point Boat Tail Box of 20


01 Jun 2018
@ 12:44 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: But it has an Elk on the box
Apparently, elk are just big varmints in Montana. Must be a lot of them. Seriously, the image is way off base, even if it is a trademark of the company. It would be hard to imagine someone actually thinking that this ammo was suitable for elk, but the general population doesn't surprise me the way it used to. A product/image combination not very well thought out.


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