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Hunter shot by Hunter

08 Apr 2018
@ 08:55 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

The Deer ruts in full swing in New Zealand at the moment. We had another pointless death of a hunter shot by another hunter over the Easter long weekend.
This happened in the hills near here and was a local from town.
Is it time that we educate people on the effects of "Buck Fever" and how to "Identify your target beyond all reasonable doubt" in a practical way before they can go hunting????
I bet you all remember your first close encounter with a roaring stag? Many guys go to peaces emotionally when they smell, hear and then see a deer..... SO..... How do we train hunters to stay calm and keep their heads clear and focused about whats happening????? What do you all think about ways of solving and educating hunters to eliminate the deaths of our fellow huntsmen?
Your thoughts please Gentlemen........


11 Apr 2018
@ 04:43 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Hunter shot by Hunter
12 Apr 2018
@ 03:54 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Hunter shot by Hunter
Seems to happen to often over there Warwick.......definitely my biggest fear whilst stalking in the tight stuff, my thoughts go out to all.

I love watching YouTube vids from NZ after coming over and seeing a small part of NZ with Nathan. There has been multiple reports of "close calls" even one that guys shot over the top of other hunters (LR Rig) even after being told that hunters where in that exact valley system directly below.

Education, mindset, ethics, a combination of all......

I cant speak for all but if l see a 4WD etc. parked up or hunters on another face, l write off that whole system and move to the next area.
12 Apr 2018
@ 07:23 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Hunter shot by Hunter
I'm with you on that one , Martin. If someone else is there, I won't be. Some of the provinces here in Canada have regulations stating that certain colours be worn when hunting. They haven't proved out. I wear full camo and I usually hunt by myself. The rest of the crew are nearby, but we all know where the others are, either this side or the other side of the river/mountain/lake, etc. Maybe it's the terrain we hunt in, or the lay out of the land, but in any case when John hunts his area, Bob, Bill and Cletus are out of the way by usually miles. I certainly don't want some yahoo from Urbanville getting a flash of colour and scoping me to see if I have horns. I'm sure all of us have had the same happen: sit on a stump next to any road and don't move. Trucks, people, quads all go by and not one person sees you. Or if they do, you scare the living crap out of them. Who knows what is going through their minds. Certainly not hunting.
12 Apr 2018
@ 07:50 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Hunter shot by Hunter
ok here is what I do...... movement spotted or sound heard..
bolt stays open
hmm what can I see????
for me a set of swiveling ears #1
#2 gender and species
#3 live movement eg stepping head swiveling
#4 can I see entire animal
#5 do I want this animal
#6 close bolt and shoot

its so much easier out in open country
for my own safety I wear brightly coloured clothing with preference for nato blue,dont usually hunt public land easter weekend,if two or more cars at road end...lets go elsewhere
non adverse to singing (badly) when carrying animal out
if a roar sounds dodgy I reply with (myballsareBIGGERTHANyourbaaallllls) as a roar....go on try it.... deer will still answer you but human will pick it.
far easier/safer to walk away if something sounds dodgy.
13 Apr 2018
@ 10:36 am (GMT)

Matthew Morrison

Re: Hunter shot by Hunter
I am a physician in Norther Alberta. A patient of mine was shot in the leg a few years back. He was alone and 40 or 50 yards off a range road. He heard a vehicle coming. He didn't want the human interaction so he chose to crouch and then lay in the scrub brush to let the vehicle pass. What happened next almost ended his life. The lone driver of the vehicle was also hunting He exited the vehicle and shothis 338 off hand in the general direction of this fellow. The bullet entered his upper inner thigh and ricocheted and bounced down through his knee along his lower leg and out his ankle. Nearly bled out on the spot. Is quite disabled now but walks.

Hard to be sure if he did the wrong thing. I may have done the very same thing in the same circumstances. (not the shooter here I`m talking about the victim)
13 Apr 2018
@ 02:35 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Hunter shot by Hunter
Thanks for all of your input guys.
Maybe this needs to be talked about more?
And the near misses and hits documented and posted in on line forums and in hunting publications. With
some photos from the surgery of damaged limbs from surgeons to make it real and bring it home! Hopefully if People are aware of the destructive power they have in hand they'll think more?
Also talking to young and inexperienced
hunters about the responsibility and
repercussions legal , financial, emotional,
physical and life long consequences for victim and shooter.
Is shooting someone when hunting really an accident? How many times have you shot a dog when you where hunting Hares and didn't realize it was the wrong species until you bend over to pick it up? Would a pre-defined level of punishment for not identifying the person you're about to kill be worth 10 years in jail?? With 5 years for wounding someone? I'm pretty sure we can do more at a "grass roots" butt stock, trigger, on range level. To try and make all aware of this? Just look at the damage to animals from the bullets. And ask yourself! Would you like to be shot? I realize that having to live with yourself knowing what you did is a lifetime sentence in itself. Telling others about the horrific experience could be an option? Thanks again for your time and comments. Keep safe out there.

28 Apr 2018
@ 09:15 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: Hunter shot by Hunter
I won’t hunt the roar due to the risk. I used to work part time in a huntIng & fishing shop in Taupo many years ago & I was horrified at some of the trigger happy clowns (visiting the shop) heading into the bush for the roar. So, where did you say you were heading?!? Back in my bow hunting days I also remember roaring in other rifle hunters & that really gave me the willies!

For me it’s just not worth the risk on public land so I’m happy just to stay a meat hunter & flag the roar all together. A shame though isn’t it. Shouldn’t have to be that way.

03 May 2018
@ 08:32 pm (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: Hunter shot by Hunter
I hunt in a state where the possibility of 150,000 hunters out on opening day in a limited space is a reality. Scares the crap out of me. Even on private land you are not immune to the yahoo hunter. Having started quite a few hunters, the "buck fever" is very real. With training, you can overcome it. :-)

I never used to wear orange until a turkey hunter peppered me with birdshot from a long ways away. I wear it religiously while still hunting/ stalking. I have not seen my averages change wearing it. Incidentally it is usually turkey hunters getting shot up here.


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