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The Karate Kid - Sweep the Legs

21 Feb 2018
@ 01:25 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato

An iconic movie of my teenage years was the Karate Kid. An oft-repeated line is "sweep the legs". It's said anytime you want to imply taking a team completely out.

In animal terms I think it might be "hit the autonomic plexus" although it doesn't seem to have the same ring. It works though. Nathan wrote a big article about how bullets kill and I studied it quite a lot after watching three Nilgai bulls take shots from large caliber rifles and run off into the thick South Texas scrub never to be seen again. Nathan's article helped me a lot and despite all advice (and I mean all advice) to the contrary I stuck with his instructions and did as he instructed.

My bull piled up and never tried to get up again. He kicked a few times but he was unable to raise his head. He never tried to get back up on his front feet. He just fell and died. This was a 280 yard shot which is awfully long for such a tough animal, and yes they are tougher than anything else in North America. I can't give original advice here because the guy who runs this place has me beat way too bad on experience. So I will just encourage those who want to know how to put game down to read his article "Effective Game Killing". Perhaps a better title might be, "Sweep the Legs"!


08 Apr 2018
@ 09:22 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: The Karate Kid - Sweep the Legs
Like this guy dispatches tough dangerous game!

No wonder our kids are so screwed up growing up with this as an example solution to problem solving


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