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7mm Berger VLD Hunting

01 Jan 2018
@ 04:25 pm (GMT)

Kenneth Kephart

Just thought i'd share my experience from this past white tail rifle season.

Was hunting on a natural gas right of way. 40 yards wide, miles long.
Spotted 8 does 413 yards by the range finder.
Used small folding stool and my day pack as a field expedient rest.
Was using my Stevens 200 that i had re-chambered to 7mm-08AI.
Handloaded 140gr. Berger VLD Hunting with muzzle velocity of 2, 836fps.
After recoil the gas line was empty.
Search found copious amounts of blood. Looked like i had shot a can of red paint.
She made it 20 yards before dropping.

Just nicked back of does left front leg bone. Bullet sized entry wound. Durring field dressing when i cut the diaphram a flood of blood came out.
Heart was in 2 pieces, both lungs completely destroyed.
While skinning we found the bullet jacket under off side hide. About double bullet diameter hole in opposite rib cage.

Doe weighed estimated 180 lb and had fully 1" layer of fat under the hide.


06 Jan 2018
@ 04:52 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: 7mm Berger VLD Hunting
Well done. Fire up the barbeque, we got meat!
13 Jan 2018
@ 01:03 pm (GMT)

Kenneth Kephart

Re: 7mm Berger VLD Hunting
Believe it or not we still haven't eaten the back straps or the phish.
Breaking out the slow cooker this weekend.


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