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Deer in the Hunter Valley

18 Nov 2016
@ 07:38 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Last night, after jump starting my car from a flat battery situation, I decied to go for a drive to help the battery recharge. I know there are deer in the local area, I have heard stories about failed attempts at farming and escapees from a local zoo, plus I've seen them late at night.

So I went for a drive down into the National Park, near the zoo they escaped from. I got 300m down the road after turning of the main road and literally had to stop the car for a deer to cross, right in front of me.

I don't know much about deer, but I would assume it was a female (lack of antlers) and a generally lighter framed body. It looked fully grown. I think it was a Rusa deer. I reckon this based on 2 reasons, after I got home I looked up the known species in the area, and the name of the zoo used to be called "Rusa Park Zoo".

There are Wapiti, Chital, Fallow, Red, Rusa and Sambar in Australia. I think all except Sambar are relatively local with the Rusa being quite local.

I wonder if when I am hunting I'll be able to find a deer so easy??

If anyone here has experience with shooting deer in Aus I'd love to know how it works for you and what species you have taken. Wouldn't mind taking loads suggestions too...


28 Nov 2016
@ 09:38 pm (GMT)

mark korte

Re: Deer in the Hunter Valley
I can't speak for Australia, but where I live I have found its always easier to find a deer with your car or truck (the more expensive the better it works) than with your rifle
29 Nov 2016
@ 12:07 am (GMT)

mark whiteley

Re: Deer in the Hunter Valley
short answer is probably not,

I have found the more you chase/stalk deer the more they run away,
my method as an older hunter is to spot and stalk or to plant yourself in an area you should see deer and snipe them at distance, the closer the better.
I like to fill the freezer some others like to walk around in the bush;)
18 Dec 2016
@ 02:06 am (GMT)

Warrick Edmonds

Re: Deer in the Hunter Valley

I hunt deer in South Aust and Vic. There are quite a few rules about where you can do this and minimum calibers for firearms. However your best source of info is the Aust Deer Hunters Soc or the SSAA. The SSAA have a programme that connects farmers with shooters, called Farmer Assist, this might be your best route into a shooting property. The SSAA also have a number of videos on their website TV re dressing and breaking down deer etc.

Overall, there's no shortage of deer in Aust, in fact they are a declared pest in SA and Vic. Getting access to them is the issue.


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