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Best 7mm RM factory elk load/100-500 yds

14 Sep 2016
@ 09:49 pm (GMT)

Phil Ferrell

I've read and attempted to digest which 7mm RM factory load would give optimum performance at ranges between 100-500 yards on cow elk. The area in NM that I've hunted has presented any number of range shots. Most loads in this caliber seem to offer best performance between up to 275-300 yards and over 300-500 yards. Is there such a load that performs effectively at both near, intermediate, and long range with clean kills? Should I opt for another caliber. My brother in law uses the 300 RUM. Is this the answer?
Thanks, Phil


17 Sep 2016
@ 09:48 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Best 7mm RM factory elk load/100-500 yds
hi Phill
this is a big ask as there is big variants of range plus a heavy bodied animal to contend with.

there is a few option to look at but im not overly familiar with factory ammo these days.
i really think dual loading might be the best option.
you could use one of the hornady loads with either the interbond or gmx bullet for close range work.
then switch to the sst or i see they now make an eld-x factory load for long range work.

im pretty sure there will be other similar options in the federal and wincherster loads to,

i think you should stick to the 7mm rem mag, and learn to understand it besides for the price of a new gun you could easily buy reloading equipment and really get the best out of it
03 Oct 2016
@ 11:40 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: Best 7mm RM factory elk load/100-500 yds

I'm not sure if I've arrived too late to the party to help, but I killed an elk with a 7 mm Rem Mag. I chime in only because I've done it.

The 175 grain (or is it 174 grain) soft point bullet is heavy enough that you can use it for either distance. Just pick one your rifle likes. Anywhere in that 175 grain neighborhood will work. At the time, I used Federal factory ammo. I hit just in front of the front leg (broadside shot) and he fell.

There have been plenty killed at those ranges with Nosler Partitions too. If you can get a steady shot and get them in the nerve plexus that Nathan discusses entitled "Effective Game Killing", you won't have any trouble (link below). Don't neck shoot them because the neck is so large you can hit the esophagus and not the spine. They'll go down fast and then get back up and take off. It's a miserable tracking exercise.
05 Oct 2016
@ 03:01 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Best 7mm RM factory elk load/100-500 yds
I have shot a lot of moose and elk using the Speer 160 grain HOTCOR bullets.
70 to 85% weight retention and all were one shot kills. Angled shots quartering away were not an issue either. Many times I saw a broadside shot moose stand still or take a few ragged steps for 5 or 10 seconds and just drop.

Can hardly ask for better than that.
05 Oct 2016
@ 03:08 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Best 7mm RM factory elk load/100-500 yds
I just noted you want factory rounds. Look into the Hornady ammo that use the ELD-X bullets in 175 grain assuming you can locate some.

Remember to save your brass for future when you are eventually likely to find reloading is a far better option for you.


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