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blue blaze safety vest

30 Mar 2014
@ 08:09 pm (GMT)

Les Mulloy

Hi to All
About 6 months ago I remember reading somewhere that hunters are advised to start using a " blue blaze safety vest " as opposed to the Orange coloured vests -- I cannot find any reference to the Blue vests at any sales outlets in Aust. that I have looked at to date ---- Anyone know anything about them ?

Regards to all -- Lesc


30 Mar 2014
@ 10:15 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: blue blaze safety vest
Probably not the best as this is the one section of the colour spectrum that sticks out or deer (through violet range). Of course, I am basing this on clothing manufacturers market research. Perhaps they have conveniently gotten it wrong so we all have to buy new kit.

I still wear camo in our area because I am not 100% sure that pigs cannot see color, they are so similar to us and I think they can see color- though they are not greatly reliant on their eyes. Furthermore, the ducks in our area go postal with bright colors. So I wear camo or dull clothes for local hunting conditions. Going away for the roar has always been a bit different.
30 Mar 2014
@ 11:26 pm (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: blue blaze safety vest
Yep, they see blue and see UV light much better than us. For a good read on the subject:

But as usual, looks like the perception of movement and scent are by far the most important senses.

Thanks for the heads up - prompted a furious 30 seconds of googling!
31 Mar 2014
@ 01:00 am (GMT)

Les Mulloy

Re: blue blaze safety vest
Thanks Nathan & Mike

Yeah -- I just could not recall where the article ( what do deer see ) had been published -- Thanks Mike have read it again.

The other bit of the story was in Aust. Deer Hunter in an article on the cause of accidental hunter deaths -- they pointed out that when wearing blaze Orange one could be mistaken for a Sambar Deer's ginger bum. --- Thanks again for replies.

Les Mulloy
01 Apr 2014
@ 04:49 am (GMT)

Steve Marcon

Re: blue blaze safety vest
Hi Gents,

It's interesting reading the article 'What do deer see'. I personally still us the blaze orange and as long as it is clean it's pretty bright. I'm not sure about blue vests being the way to go … not sure how those with blue/green colour blindness would deal with it? If it takes I'll be making eye tests mandatory for all in my hunting party he he.

Not the most manly of colours but perhaps hot pink could get a jersey? LOL

06 Apr 2014
@ 05:45 pm (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: blue blaze safety vest
Here in NY, hot pink seems to be the rage for women's hunting equipment. Pink camo gun stocks, bows, arrows, hats , you name it. With the number of women entering the sport exceeding men, it's no wonder the manufacturers cater to the women. As I drive around prior to our big game season, I chuckle at the number of targets I see with pink fletching. I can't tell you how many times I've hunted public land and spotted something hot pink a couple hundred yards away. You know enough, not to walk in that direction.
23 Jan 2015
@ 05:04 am (GMT)

Kerry Adams

Re: blue blaze safety vest
Wouldn't be going with Blue myself. Though, any blaze is better than none. At least, that's the theory.

This may interest you - I went out with a camera and a pile of blaze to have a play.

19 Apr 2015
@ 10:14 am (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: blue blaze safety vest
This thread is a bit old, but I found this on the 'tube you all may be interested in.
07 Jun 2015
@ 09:27 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: blue blaze safety vest
Many years ago while out mustering on our farm My Father was on oppisite ridge to the one I was on and fog rolled in.
Dad was leading a dun horse and wearing a BRIGHT flouro orange beanie and pale blue stubbie shorts (forget what shirt) thing is ALL I could see was the shorts!!!!!

leap forward to new years day 2013 Im stalking with a good mate in thick native bush, we are heading down a crappy gut with feeding sign all around us, we have spooked 2 animals in last 20 minutes, have lunch and carry on. I look downhill about 50 yards away and see a BRIGHT orange horizontal line approx 2' long and 3" high .I stop and look really hard at it??????? WTF is it???? with bolt open I screw scope up to 9x and still cant make it out, neither can mate beside me...we watch it for probaly 40 seconds then head pops up and deer is gone!!!!!
now what happens in my mind next time Im in similar place and see bright orange?????
the blue camo that is out is made that color for humans to see..full stop...
If deer sees you first and buggers off so be it.
a large % of men are red green color blind which cancels out orange or lime blaze.
the blue works even better out in tussock . fern on a bright sunny day is shades of orange too. I have both orange and blue, if I wear my orange top a blue cap goes on.
and for what its worth the hot pink stands out best of all but blokes wont wear it.


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