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Shooting Bench top suface -- horse stall mat?

12 Mar 2019
@ 06:11 pm (GMT)

Nevada Smith

Has anyone used a horse stall mat (or similar material) as a non-slip top for Nathan's shooting bench?

I live in Northern Nevada at 5,000' elevation and the bench will be exposed (uncovered) to 300+ days of sunlight, low humidity, and of course some rain and snow. Not sure if the stall mat material will withstand this (will have to inquire at the tack shop). The material is black rubber (composite?) and I believe it may be too hot in the summer.

Your thoughts?


12 Mar 2019
@ 07:03 pm (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: Shooting Bench top suface -- horse stall mat?
If it’s the stuff I’m thinking of it has quite a harsh texture could bu unpleasant on your elbows? Old carpet works well and if you want to preserve your wood top mix old motor oil and petrol and brush it on. Makes untreated timber last for years


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