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Slippery Stock - cheap quick fix

22 Jul 2018
@ 10:56 pm (GMT)

Todd Free

Meant to post this ages ago.

I have an HS Precision stock that is (was) very slippery. Holding the fore-end was a challenge before I added sandpaper to it.

I bought one A4 sheet of 490p wet/dry sandpaper and a roll of two-sided tape.

Covered the underside of the sandpaper in two-sided tape.

Created a pattern of where I usually hold the fore-end when shooting out of paper.

Using a pencil, I marked the area on the stock with a pencil to ensure I attach the sandpaper to the right spot. This is easier with someone else helping.

Traced the pattern onto the sandpaper.

Cut the pattern out of the sandpaper, removed the backing of the two-sided tape and applied to the stock.

If I shoot 20+ rounds in a session on the bench, my left hand has no finger prints by the end.


31 Jul 2018
@ 06:59 am (GMT)

Robert McLean

Re: Slippery Stock - cheap quick fix
That is pretty good looking actually.

I have a Tikka T3 7mm RM that I am trying to break in and sight in. After 11 rounds I have definitely noticed that it likes to jump out of my hands. Darn fore end is soo small and even feels short. The sling swivel/attachment bit me pretty good a couple of times when I got my hand too far forward. I was going to try hockey tape but this is another option. I do have an assortment of wet dry sand papers. Would you change the 490 grit for something else now that you have no fingerprints?

As an aside, I am wondering if the Limbsaver I put on the gun is actually helping it to jump. I wonder if the stock is not as anchored during recoil as it could be without that soft rubber on there. I didn't try it before I put pad on so I don't know. I listened to all the recoil hype and the salesman so I put one on. Anyone have experience with that hypothesis?

The gun is for my stepson so I put the pad on there because he has never used anything with recoil and I didn't want him to develop a flinch from the start. It still might be more than he bargained for.

I might end up keeping it and we can platoon it with my .270 :)
31 Jul 2018
@ 10:56 am (GMT)

Todd Free

Re: Slippery Stock - cheap quick fix
I had the 490 for something else and only used it for the stock because I had it laying around. It is incredibly grippy and I am happy with it. I have no reference for any other grit, so I can't say if another grit would be better or worse.

31 Jul 2018
@ 04:57 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Slippery Stock - cheap quick fix
"Anyone have experience with that hypothesis?'

Hi Robert, Yes and l wrote about it in these posts somewhere with my Tikka 9.3mm.
You cannot stop the initial rearward movement with any rear soft pad. If you think of what is happening during the initial stages as the pad compresses, it's uncontrollable movement. Try swapping between the original and you will notice a difference.

With the jump we attached a T3-X Varmint front grip to my friends T3 and the improvement was excellent with the wider grip, just had to add a rear screw to anchor it.
14 Mar 2019
@ 10:33 am (GMT)

Nevada Smith

Re: Slippery Stock - cheap quick fix
So-called "skateboard tape" may be used as an alternative to wet/dry sandpaper (or emery cloth) and double-sided tape.
14 Mar 2019
@ 11:14 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Slippery Stock - cheap quick fix
HI guys I added the wide forend to my tikka it made massive difference
it bolts straight onto t3x stock but will need to drill one hole for a t3 stock

I have also used this stuff on a boyd stock
Time will tell how long it lasts but seems to be good so far.


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