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Muzzle Break .375

12 Sep 2017
@ 01:18 pm (GMT)

alan wozniak

Been thinking about a new rifle build I want to go to a bigger calibre I think I settled on the .375 Ruger I don't see many choices for the .375 calibre Muzzle break. I don't want the type that has the ports all the way around. I Also was thinking about a mercury recoil reducer in the stock or maybe both. I would like to get a heavy varmint style contour barrel and a strait target style Richards microfit stock for a medium out too longer range deer hunting most shots would be 600-700 yards.I'd like to try rocky mountain bullets and Chinchaga bullets in 325gr bullets.. got away from the muzzle break and mercury R.R would like your Gentleman's thoughts on this Thank's, Alan


01 Oct 2017
@ 11:46 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Muzzle Break .375
hi Alan
it appears this thread got missed.
im not sure what action you planning on doing a build on, if its a remington have a look on the blog you'll see Nathan shooting a 375 rum in a precision platform stock and how much alone the stock can make a difference.
i was talking to Clive yesterday great guy not sure if he's exporting stock but might be of some use to you.

trueflite here in nz does a very good forwards venting muzzle brake it takes the sting out a caliber without the rearwards blast.
Nathan does talk about them in the book and you'll find that what was fitted to his 375 rum

muzzle brakes seem to add 2-4 inches onto length of a gun if your got a varmint weight barrel and your worried about recoil in might be worth getting barrel an extra 2' or so longer then you need it'll give you a touch more weight and would be inline with have a muzzle brake in length but without the noise you can always get it shortened and threaded for a muzzle brake if you need to go that route.

i have been keeping an eye on chinchaga bullets but i haven't seen any low velocity pictures everything being above 2000fps that i have seen, you might have to experiment and monitor results if you want to push them a long way.

just on a slightly separate note im starting to see lot more 338lapua mags here, people having this idea about shooting game at long ranges with a big magnum, but i do start to wonder if we have the game with enough weight (body resistance) to really get the most out of them.
if you have to run a 225gr or 250gr in a 338 to get projectiles to perform well then with the loss of bc and price of components sometimes it can be better to drop down a caliber and run heavy projectiles.
just a comment to do with our local game, elk being the biggest we have here without going into wild cattle. with most game being under 140kgs with average being around 100kgs
25 Oct 2017
@ 08:19 am (GMT)

alan wozniak

Re: Muzzle Break .375
Thanks Tom
25 Oct 2017
@ 08:42 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Muzzle Break .375
Yep, missed this too, very sorry Alan.

1. As Thomas said and as you have suggested regarding the build, I prefer to get the stock design and barrel contour right. I spoke about this in my second podcast. There is no great need for a brake on the Ruger based on your build description.

2. I hope to have my .375 Ruger data up very shortly (1 week?). I want to put all of the .375 data up in one go, however it needs final editing. One major concern for you will be target resistance as pointed out by Thomas. You will need heavy body weight resistance in order to upset the momentum of heavy pills at extended ranges. This is covered in the book series but in plain terms, this is not a good combo for extended range work on White Tail. You can read more when I release my data next week.

Thanks for getting onto this Thomas.
25 Oct 2017
@ 05:28 pm (GMT)

mark whiteley

Re: Muzzle Break .375
I like the richards microfit stocks as well Alan
in this photo is my 6.5x284 is a richards benchmark stock after shooting a fallow at 600, obviously I have shaped it a bit (actually a lot) to my taste this rifle also has a varmint profile barrel to give an idea on the look

here is another

26 Oct 2017
@ 07:19 am (GMT)

alan wozniak

Re: Muzzle Break .375
thanks for the info guys I will look forward to the .375 Ruger data Nathan and I like your rig Mark I was thinking about their marksman stock very close to your style.Thanks again Gentlemen
26 Oct 2017
@ 07:25 am (GMT)

alan wozniak

Re: Muzzle Break .375
Mark, what type and grade wood is your stock and what finish did you use. Thank you in advance Mark...


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