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Show us your gear

14 May 2017
@ 10:09 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd throw a quick thread up about our different gear.

I'll start off, my Auspack and webbing, still good from cadet days over 14 years ago. Goodness knows how old they were back when I got them, disposals from the ADF.

Also have a few hootchies (the "oo" is pronounced like the oo in book or cook). No hoochies laying around my garage that I'm aware of...

Not my hootchie but just for clarification, basically a tent, without sides, or a zip, or much really, it's a plastic sheet lol.


26 May 2017
@ 07:02 pm (GMT)

Kai Larson

Re: Show us your gear
My "Gatewood Cape" It's a combination rain poncho and single person shelter. Raingear and shelter at 15 ounces



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