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Range Finder

23 Mar 2011
@ 06:24 pm (GMT)

Dan Keene

I would love to buy a pair of Bushnell Fusion range finder binos but alas finances wont stretch that far. I am shooting a 308 so 800 yards is more than enough range. So which monocular to go for? Is angle compensation a MUST have (I think it is)? That narrows it down to Bushnell or Leupold. Your thoughts Lord Longshot would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


27 Mar 2011
@ 11:47 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Range Finder
Hi Dan, of the two brands you mention, the Bushnell is the most reliable. The Leupolds (are made in China) tend to be very unreliable past 400 yards, often won't give a reading. Try to buy second hand and save for the Bushnell fusion as this is a good long term investment. Infact, if you can hold off, it is worth saving for this unit as it will end up cheaper than buying both an RF and pair of Bino's.

My Leica BRF's don't have angle compensation but I have my own set up. I have a note book with my drop charts in it and on the cover of the note book, I have made a rule for angle compensation. I have a pen on a lanyard attached to the notebook which acts as a plum bob against the rule (protractor scale) and its very accurate at long ranges. I have just come back from tutorial and it was used for a 649 yard shot at 20 degrees, bullet struck the animal dead centre. It may sound rustic but if you look at/ research other old methods, like using mil dots to work out ranges, its always good to have a foundation in analogue range techniques. I think there is even versions of dirt cheap mil dot or hashed minoculars for analogue range work, allowing you to save for the day when you can afford a BRF.



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