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The "other" sightron brands

13 Jun 2012
@ 07:02 am (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras

Hello folks;

I have assumed that the Sightron SIII are very good scopes, but... Does anybody have experience with the SI and SII brands?

There is a SII 6-24x42 that could be a good and more affordable choice for LR hunting!

Thanks all!


14 Jun 2012
@ 11:59 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: The "other" sightron brands
I have fitted quite a few on client rifles. The scopes are clear, they track well and are reliable.

The downside of any 25mm tube long range scope is that the dials are more fiddly than 30mm tube units. This makes the clicks less audiable and for some folk, can be too fiddly for their liking. Not that I have seen anyone miss a shot due to dialing off the mark.

The SI series does not include any long range models so turret ergonomics are not an issue.

At the bottom of the .308 article, you'll see a base model S11 4.5-14 being used for long range hunting (belongs to Dan keene). Like its brethren, it has been very reliable over the years. Maybe Dan can chime in here and tell you how he finds his dials to use.

Personally, I have used the SII units out past 1000 yards without problems, including the 4-16x42 upwards.
14 Jun 2012
@ 03:43 pm (GMT)

Dan Keene

Re: The "other" sightron brands
Hi Alvaro.
I have been very happy with my base model Sightron and have been using it for two years. No issues with adjusting, tracking or clarity. It cost me $675 NZ. When ever I get the itch to upgrade it I find I would need to spend at least double that to see any improvement. My only niggle is the parallax is adjustment is on the objective and they are much easier to use on a saddle turret.
Cheers, Dan.
20 Jun 2012
@ 10:47 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras

Re: The "other" sightron brands
Nathan, Dan, thanks for the info!

I have read quite info on the web about Sightron roflescopes. It seems to be very nice choice, as nobody has complaints! Every other scopes brands you read about, there arealways someone who has complaints. But no one about Sightron! And it

As I could see, the S1 serie coul be discarded to LR hunt. Talking about the S11 series, there are two different choices: the “big Sky” and the “standard”. The standard are made in Philippines, and the big sky are made in Japan, as the S111 series. Do you know if there´s a big difference between standard and big sky? I think that the biggest differences will be about light transmission (glass quality). But I´m worryed about the turrets (adjustments, true -or not- corrections, hold zeroing, reseatable, audible cliks, etc...). I think i can deal with the glass, but not with the other.

There is another thing i´m afraid of. I have a nikon monarch 4-16x50 (plex reticle). I still learning to use it (i´m learning about LR shooting/hunting) but i have a big complain about it. When you look through the scope at max power, there´s a very big "dark ring". I mean, looks like a "tunnel effect", so a big portion of the ocular is black, and there are less FOV. I ave other scopes, like redfield, wich has just a very little black ring qhen you look through it (this scopes are 3-7x33, so maybe this is a reason why). It´s not an eye relief problem, there´s no way to correct that.

Thanks in advance!!
29 Jun 2012
@ 11:27 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: The "other" sightron brands
Hi Alvaro,sorry for the late reply. I have only just found out that the budget models have been shifted to Philippines during late 2011 and into 2012. The first shipment to the U.S is probably just about in port as I type these words. I contacted Sightron for details during the week.

I will have to assume that the manufacturing will be done in the same plant that Burris use for their base model scopes (Fullfield etc).

OK, both the S1 and S11 models except for the SII36x42BRD (still Japan made) are made in the Philippines. I am trying to find out whether Philippine manufacture will effect turret calibration myself. I have no budget models here, have only handled the Japanese units which were very good. Will just have to wait and see about calibration. I have contacted Sightron and its going to be a waiting game for both them and myself.

The S11 Big sky models are made in Japan and will continue to be made in Japan. I have found the Burris scopes from the Phillipines to be much more robust than the Nikko Stirlings so that will come down to job specifications. The turrets on the Burris scopes are repeatable (though I have to make sticky tape numbers for clients wanting to learn limited long range on a budget as the dials have no marks on them)- but the turrets on the Burris scopes are not true to MOA. So it will all come down to job specs. For now, I would suggest that if you want a long range scope, save up for a few more weeks and buy a Big Sky.

Shame about your Nikon. The Nikon Tactical does not have this dark ring. I know what you mean, its something you see on Tasco scopes a lot.



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