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Nightforce SHV 4-16x56

15 May 2015
@ 10:17 am (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Anyone have any first-hand knowledge of this scope?

Yes 3 1/2 inches eye relief is a bit short for 300WM but I am looking at this scope for 223 VSSF, not exactly a long range rifle but an accurate one for rabbits and a good trainer for wind at the range.

Thanks Mark


15 May 2015
@ 05:07 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Nightforce SHV 4-16x56
Here is a review that may help you for the SHV scope.

My personal approach would be to buy a Sightron 6-24x50 have a good steel picatinny 20 moa canted rail installed on this and your other rifles, and just switch this between them as needed, assuming your other rifles may have lesser scopes on them.

As to using a Nightforce scope in place of the Sightron, I would go for the NXS 5.5-22x50 and do the same thing if you need a better scope. Both the Sightron and NXS have loads of up adjustments a 4 inch eye relief and their reticle options are really nice. Both scopes track with good precision as well.
15 May 2015
@ 05:08 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Nightforce SHV 4-16x56
forgot the link!
16 May 2015
@ 01:01 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Nightforce SHV 4-16x56
Sightron 6-24×50 they work awesome and the price is best value for money for sure. It's a life time purchase - investment.
23 Jul 2015
@ 02:23 am (GMT)

sebastian shand

Re: Nightforce SHV 4-16x56
it is SHV 4-14x56 i don't think they make it in 4-16 power.
i just purchased one of these scopes. i wanted a sightron but they were out of stock of the model i wanted so went with this as pricing was pretty good on them. will let you know what its like when i get it next week if you like.


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