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Scope for Long Range hunting rifle

17 May 2012
@ 07:07 pm (GMT)

Ian Dingo

Hey everyone,

I am after a scope to fit atop my long range hunting rifle (300 Win Mag)

The choice of scopes is staggering and the variations bewildering, however I have narrowed the field to those below.

My budget will be in the region of AU$2000.

Vortex Viper

Sightron III

Nightforce NSX

As well as brand I need to consider the

Magnification Range

Recticle type

Mil vs MOA.

FFP vs 2nd FP

I would really like to hear any suggestions you have on the above.




17 May 2012
@ 10:08 pm (GMT)


Re: Scope for Long Range hunting rifle
My choice would be the Nightforce 5.5-22x50, closely followed by SIII Sightron 6-24x50.
Both good glass, both track well.....Why the Nightforce? Zero stop and built tougher. Only you can say if the extra $$$ is worth spending.
I have heard good things about the Vortex also but wonder if they can hang with the SIII and NSX.
MOA or Mil? take your pick and stick with it.

My 2 cents
18 May 2012
@ 04:15 am (GMT)


Re: Scope for Long Range hunting rifle
I have been running a NF 5.5x22-56 for a few years now problem free and with perfect function. Its been sitting atop a 300WM and the magnification range is just perfect for the cartridge, from 60 yards to 1400 it just works. The Sightron's I have looked through have impressed me but I have never shot/dialed one so can't really comment. On the Vortex though a friend mounted one on a 338 Lapua (not sure of the model but it had a 34mm tube) good glass and seamed to work OK, a problem arose with his choice of scope though, it was a first focal plane and as the magnification was increased so did the rectical image, the rectical would completely block out the target that he was trying to hit.
If the NF is within your budget then that would be my pick, just remember to budget for good rings and base!
20 May 2012
@ 09:09 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Scope for Long Range hunting rifle
Hi Ian, I don't know if there is much point in me posting here as I am biased being a Sightron agent. But here goes anyway.

I like the SIII 6-24x50 because it is light where I find the NF NXS tips the scales too much for me on heavy barrel platforms. However AJ who posted above is willing to carry an NF on a Sendero type platform (his M700 is chambered in .300 Winnie) and AJ climbs higher and walks further than many people will ever dream of. So to this end, much comes down to your fitness, natural strength / stamina / build and mind set.

I am happy with either mil dots or MOA but not really into milradian.

I am quite happy with the second focal plane on my SIII. At 24 power, it is true to mil dot specs with the MD being .8 MOA in diameter. If I want to read wind errors or anything in 1MOA increments, I simply wind the scope back to 20 power, good to go.

I don't need a zero stop. I have my zero hash mark written on my drop chart.

I find the Sightrons to be robust and ultra reliable. Generous eye relief is also a major factor, NF is also optimal in this regard.

I find the NF brand to be extremely good, the only negatives for me are weight and price.

Anyway, if you want to narrow down the choice, try:

NXS 5.5-22x50 NLP 1 or 2
SIII 6-24x50 MD

I work with both models on client rifles on a week to week basis.

20 May 2012
@ 04:22 pm (GMT)


Re: Scope for Long Range hunting rifle
Ah Nathan, your too kind! I thought we discussed this and you saw it my way;

"the best part of the NF scope is that if the rifle malfunctions you can take the scope off and use it as club, that way the hunt isn't wasted!"

Ian, if weight is an issue, Nathan and his biased ways are right, the Sightron will save you nearly a pound! Which on a back pack hunt could mean a 1/2 liter of whiskey in base camp:) Aj

20 May 2012
@ 06:43 pm (GMT)

Ian Dingo

Re: Scope for Long Range hunting rifle
Ah Guys,

I don't wont you two falling out over me..

Scope weight is not an issue as I don't intend to lug it very far. Rather I'm after the best optical and functional quality within my budget.

I had the opportunity to have a look through and fiddle with a couple of NF's today at the range including a 5.5 - 24 x56 really nice.

So if I cannot make a poor choice between the Sightron and NF scope I best go off and have a thorough look at each one.

Thanks again,



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