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Beware Minox Scopes

23 Mar 2015
@ 05:14 am (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

A couple of years ago I picked up a Minox ZA5 1.5-8x32 for my 7mm-08 Mountain SS

A good scope for $400 off ebay from Canada.

Jump forward to this year and the some seller was selling a Minox ZA5 2-10x50 for $300 landed in Australia.

I mounted this scope on a Remington VSSF in 223 with Burris Signature Zee Rings and off to the range yesterday. Zeroed of 100 yards and everything worked fine.

Out with the rifle for a clean this morning and the scope reticle was canted 30 degrees. Obviously I checked the mounting thinking that the scope had turned in the Burris rings, but it was still mounted OK. Checked looking through the scope again and yes the reticle has canted within the scope 30 degrees.

You get what you pay for!!!!!


23 Mar 2015
@ 05:37 am (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: Beware Minox Scopes
I've got Minox binoculars 8.5x52 their top of the rang model, best bino's I've used. Equal to my mates Swarovski EL's.
30 Mar 2015
@ 07:58 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Re: Beware Minox Scopes
German company... sounds well!

But some of their products are made in China. I´m using 8x42 binoculars, made in china... works well, but could be much better. Simply can´t afford anything better now.

Hope to get mi hands on some leica binos one day...


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