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Minox za5 scopes

21 Feb 2012
@ 11:15 am (GMT)

Lee Minhinnick

Has anyone had anything to do with these or have one of these scopes.


21 Feb 2012
@ 04:08 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Minox za5 scopes
I thought you were going to buy a Sightron Big Sky 6-24x50!

The Minox 4-20 looks fairly good, good eye relief. The one area you have to be careful of is how the turrets are calibrated. If they are in inches rather than MOA, it will be a pain and you will need to become proficient with Microsoft Excel to convert inches to MOA for your long range goals. Also, just because the Minox is rated in inch increments (1/4 or 1/8th), it doesn't mean that this is true, they may be .973" rather than an inch (like Bushnell) or by accident, exactly 1 MOA.

That is the one thing you have to watch with long range scopes and why my two favourite brands have for a long time, been Nightforce and Sightron, all of the Sightron scopes dope out at exactly 1 MOA per 4 x 1/4 clicks or 8 x 1/8 clicks. The same goes for Nightforce, no mucking around.

The only way you will find out more is to look for reviews, studying comments on turret calibration. The turrets on the Minox appear to be small in diameter due to the scope tube diameter (1") so if you are after large detent turrets, you will need to re-visit a 30mm main tube scope.



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