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sightron s-tac and s111side by side

19 Sep 2014
@ 01:33 pm (GMT)

robert meikle

hear is my general overview of the s-tac whats good glass turrets illumination looks the part nightforce clone. illuminated dial can be turned off on where ever you put it. 1on 2off 3on 4off moa2 ret is nice. heavey scope whats bad not much diopiter setting a full turn less than my s111. moa2 ret very fine hard to pick up on dark targets moa2 ret on my s111 is bigger .30mm tube on the s-tac got crushed using leupold mounts. yet same torx setting on the s111 not a mark on it. ret on my s-tac moved from side to side when you moved magnification. under the turret caps s-tac brass hmmm s111 steel. tracking with bore sighter s111 perfect up down left right back on track every time .s-tac up moved to one side hmm. left and right moving to the right lets just say 10moa to the left 5moa that's just not on. so the new s-tac was a real disappointment. the s111 has a few things the knurled nobs on the s-tac are better fit them to the better scope. the s111 dump the on -off illumination on the s111 and fit the rheostat from the s-tac to the s111. so whats the better scope the s111 by miles and sightron get with it with the illuminated dot stop the flaring on the 10setting at night you cant view out off the scope just my 2cents ps im dyslexic so sorrey for spelling


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