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Sightron s-tac

15 Sep 2014
@ 01:12 pm (GMT)

Morten Jensen

I have spent the last 2 weeks, reading all the good stuff about calibers!
The wife is not pleased, but that's how it goes;-)

Am using an Browning BAR 3006 for everything, here in Denmark.
Range, Very seldom more than 200 meters, max 300.. Anything more and you are most likely not on your own land;-)
We can hunt from dawn to dusk..
I have a S&B on my 9,3x74R, does not get much use(driven hunt)
And a Nikon Monarch on the BAR(2,5x10-50)!
Have noticed that Sightron get's some nice remarks allonge the way.
Especialy the S3 lineup..
My local shop tells me, why not the S-Tac?

Any thoughts?

Regards Morten


15 Sep 2014
@ 05:14 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sightron s-tac
Hi Morton, any of the SIII series are very good scopes. You don't really need exposed turrets for your style of hunting and if you are hunting very tough ground, the turrets can on occasion be bumped so in these conditions, an SIII scope with turret covers like the 3.5-10 can be very good. Nevertheless, if you are not under such duress when hunting, the S-Tac would be fine and the illuminated reticle very handy!

I hope your local store can get you a good price similar to U.S prices. I find European hunters sometimes get ripped off. If your store turns out to be good to deal with, let me know please, I friend in Denmark who could do with a decent contact for optics.
17 Sep 2014
@ 11:30 pm (GMT)

robert meikle

Re: Sightron s-tac
had the s tack had to go back ret moved from 13 to 17 mag try yours on a bore sighter. may be common problem looked the part but. now back to a s3 6x24x50 illuminated far better scope this was a 50pound up grade and 50 pounds better spent hope it helps
17 Sep 2014
@ 11:40 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sightron s-tac
Very interesting Robert, thanks for posting.
21 Sep 2014
@ 11:23 am (GMT)

Morten Jensen

Re: Sightron s-tac

Have a S3 1x7-24 in the mail.
Did't go for the S-tac This time, maybe next time.

The Price in Denmark is around 1000$ us. Thats not to bad, I think.
But you are quite right.. Anything les than a Swaro, Leica or Zeiss at 2-3 maybe even 4 grand$$ and the dealer rolls his eyes, in desbelife!

A few specialiced Web shops are doing their part, to get prices down;-)

01 Oct 2014
@ 06:26 pm (GMT)

Morten Jensen

Re: Sightron s-tac
Got the scope today.
Nice quality, looks great sitting on my Marlin guide gun;-)

Final price was more like 1100$ us.

Hunting Red deer this sunday, new scope and the frist time hunting with the 45/70 gov.

Could be a super weekend:-))


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