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Burris Signature rings

09 Jul 2014
@ 09:00 pm (GMT)

Craig Henard

Anyone use the Burris Signature rings?
Seems like they might be good with the offset inserts instead of using a
an angled base and also to protect your scope.



10 Jul 2014
@ 12:49 am (GMT)

Rob Hughes-Games

Re: Burris Signature rings
use them on all scopes. love them! dont mark scopes, can sight in with out dialing (almost), really solid holding power, no lapping! pretty much a win win! go for it.
10 Jul 2014
@ 01:00 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Burris Signature rings
Hi Craig, yes, go for it. This is yet another subject I covered in my first book (long range rifles). Rob has covered the strengths succinctly.
14 Jan 2015
@ 12:45 am (GMT)


Re: Burris Signature rings
I just purchased a scope, yah.

When I inquired about the Burris Sig Zee Rings, the Salesperson said they do not recommend them.
The reason is that temperature changes from summer to Winter cause the plastic parts to swell/shrink and change the alignment.

Local temperature fluctuations for me would likely be approx. +30 to -15 Celcius

What do yo think?
14 Jan 2015
@ 12:46 am (GMT)

M Kush

Re: Burris Signature rings
When I asked for a recommendation, he suggested Talley Aluminum Rings (the one piece with mount attached.)

Opinions on that one, or the Talley brand in general?
14 Jan 2015
@ 09:05 am (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: Burris Signature rings
Mike, I think that salesperson is full of it. Yes plastic does expand and contract more than steel, but said salesperson has failed to take into account that the plastic is slightly elastic and is under compression. The plastic forms a ring around the scope, if it expands or contracts, it does so equally - no scope movement. Because it is under compression, there is not likely going to be and actual change in size. I have had no problems with these rings AND highly recommend them. Temps ranges so far 40 to -7 Celsius - no problems.

Its the elasticity of the plastic insert that makes the rings grip so well.

14 Jan 2015
@ 01:45 pm (GMT)

chris murphy

Re: Burris Signature rings
Yes the salesman seams like a bit of a pull through I used optilock ring all my hunting life same design as the signatures and never had a problem from shooting goats in 40 degree to shooting thar at -7-10. I've gone off sako with there cost cutting and was happy to see a similar ring system in another brand
15 Jan 2015
@ 12:45 am (GMT)

Mike Kush

Re: Burris Signature rings
Ok, So the Burris Zee Sigs are good quality then.

But after looking at the Talleys, they are only $40

Burris Rings+Bases are $62 + $22 = $84

The Talley supposedly 'Lightweight' alloy, CNC'd. Has the bases built into the Ring. Is this a better, worse, neutral difference?

Would the two be considered equal?

Sorry, I just think a lot...
15 Jan 2015
@ 12:51 am (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: Burris Signature rings
You get what you pay for, cheap equals cheap. The Burris Zee set up is the best and a lot cheaper than over priced Sako optilocks.



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