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Sightron vs vortex

09 Jul 2014
@ 08:52 am (GMT)

Rob Hughes-Games

So from a lot of the reading I've done the sightron seems like it is the slightly better scope when paying retail. The questions I have to ask anyone who has a s111 and a viper pst is if you were paying wholesale on the viper would you still pick the s111 at retail price?
Cheers fellas


09 Jul 2014
@ 09:10 am (GMT)

Matthew Beckhouse

Re: Sightron vs vortex
I have compared the two scopes in a rough fashion.
Next time I hit the farm I will take up a snellen chart to get a better idea of visual clarity between the two.

I think the sightron has the edge, but only just.
If there is a significant price difference I would probably lean towards the vortex.
09 Jul 2014
@ 05:15 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sightron vs vortex
Hi Rob, up until Mathews recent thread regarding his scope calibration, the many Sightrons we have handled have been true to MOA. The same cannot be said of Vortex. This means that you either need to use a phone app like shooter which can do the conversions in the field or manually perform the conversions when making a printed drop chart.

I do have and use the shooter app- but for the sake of safety, I prefer clients and readers to have printed drop charts and save phone batteries for intermittent use and for emergencies.

Personally, after several years working with Sightron while also working other brands and making comparisons, I have a preference for the SIII series Sightron scopes. The exact trax turret lock system has proven reliable on rifles up to .375 RUM recoil where other scopes have lasted only weeks. One Vortex owner told me that he is now on his third replacement after the turret internals came loose twice. The eye relief on the Sightron is excellent, preventing Weatherby eyebrow.

Still, for those on a limited budget who are prepared to do the conversions, the Vortex has merit. This company will probably go from strength to strength as continued sales allow the business to flourish, overcoming obstacles such as calibration. No doubt the lenses are made at the Sightron plant but I have a feeling assembly is performed in the Philippines to keep costs down. Sightron have done the same with the SI and SII series scopes, shipping parts from Japan to the Philippines (also Burris). I am not too happy about this regarding the Sightron SII change of manufacture. The Vortex that fell apart twice internally reminds me a great deal of the Nikko Stirlings I have watched fall to pieces over the years. I do not believe that Philippine workers have quite the same sense of honor found in the Japanese work place. Hopefully I am mistaken in this observation.
10 Jul 2014
@ 12:09 am (GMT)

Rob Hughes-Games

Re: Sightron vs vortex
thanks for the fast reply guys. Mathew im looking forward to the reply. the hardest part i have is that the difference in price will be in the 100s which is swaying me pretty strongly.
27 Nov 2014
@ 07:04 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Sightron vs vortex
I have not yet heard of reticle failure in a SIII, however my eldest son had a Vortex scope reticle fail badly on his Tikka Lite in 300WSM. He is presently using a Zeiss scope.
29 Nov 2014
@ 11:51 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Sightron vs vortex
I note on the Sightron web site, they have a couple new scopes that are using first focal plane. One is completely dedicated to mrad tech., while the other uses MOA


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