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Ring lapping

18 Dec 2023
@ 02:25 pm (GMT)

Scott Struif

Here’s an interesting demo of the latest-and-greatest ring alignment tool.

He doesn’t mention Burris Pos-Align plastic inserts, or bedding the scope tube with epoxy. Still, for the anal, the alignment tool and lapping bar is probably the best solution.

I don’t like a one piece rail because it adds height to the scope, as well as blocking the top of ejection port. I also wonder if a rail mounted on a less-than-perfect receiver might introduce stress on the receiver.

I also question whether the Burris Pos-Align plastic inserts are so soft as to not induce stress on the scope tube. However, they would be the best solution for testing a scope. Retailers won’t accept returns of scopes if there’s any evidence they’ve been mounted on a gun.


31 Dec 2023
@ 09:39 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Ring lapping
Nathan covers all this in the book series... I think scope mounting issues are to be looked for before you buy a rifle, the scope and mechanical mounting system is essential to the accuracy of any rifle.... My suggestion is to buy a proven system that works and preferably one that'll last a lifetime of outdoor use.... open sights are always a back up option? Battle sights work. Look at a Lee Enfields sights rugged and functional.... Im a fan of open sights because they work. My eyes unfortunatly say otherwise.... If you have scope issues on a trip being able to remove it and use open sights is a function some may want to consider.... as an aside.... the foresight is great at stopping your barrel slipping out of your grip in trying situations with cold, wet, gloved or slippery hands!
I have Burris Signature pos-Align off set inserts to get more elivation. Sometimes trusting others and using whats been proven over time by many too work... and works as it should with no fuss is the way to go... now get sum and full the freezer.... cheers all Warwick...
01 Jan 2024
@ 10:40 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Ring lapping
Thanks, Warwick. That’s what I said lapping is “for the anal.” Slight distortion of the main tube is not going to affect the operation of the lenses in the erector tube assembly, which is designed to cant the lenses, anyway. Even if the main tube were distorted to the point where the objective and diopter lenses were slightly not parallel, the error in point of aim would be infinitesimal.
06 Jan 2024
@ 03:32 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: Ring lapping
i like to give the bottom half of the rings a light lap,
i don't bother with the top half.
id be happy to use burris pos align rings as they are.


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