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Bushnell 1600 Binos

27 Sep 2011
@ 07:18 pm (GMT)

Dan Keene

Today, at last, thanks to the high dollar and a relative on holiday in the US I manged to get a pair of Bushnell 1600 Rangefinder binos at a price that I could afford.
Been sitting on the sofa reading the instructions and came to the conclusion that the ballistic software is next to uselss. However if I use bow mode I can get the true horizotal distance and apply that to my ballistic chart. Am I correct?
The 8 ballistic programs available are banded at a maximum variation of impact of 6" at 300 yards and then Max variation of 32" at 500 yards.
A brilliantly executed piece of precision technlogy that says for program A your bullet will be within 32" at 500 yards?
Am I mssing something?
The guys at Bushnell must be way smarter than me, so maybe I am?
Thank you guys for your replies. Dan.


30 Sep 2011
@ 04:20 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Bushnell 1600 Binos
Hi Dan, that’s well beyond me as well. I tend to use the basic functions, range and angle, then use my drop charts. I have never spent enough time with the Fusion (not wanting to fiddle with clients kit) to have worked all of this out. Good luck!
03 Oct 2011
@ 09:11 pm (GMT)


Re: Bushnell 1600 Binos

Dan, you are right on the money. The ballistic functions are useless. Forget that feature and just use the range and angle, you will enjoy it as they work great.
06 Oct 2011
@ 07:38 pm (GMT)

Dan Keene

Re: Bushnell 1600 Binos
Nathan, 2Lazy,
Thank you for you replies. You learn more here than any where else.
Reards, Dan.
12 Oct 2011
@ 07:17 pm (GMT)

Dan Keene

Re: Bushnell 1600 Binos
So now I have the measure of these Bushnells.
Range finder performance an optical quality is exactly what every one says. Great!
The rifle mode is not good. I am sure it is accurate for the 8 ballistic curves that it is preprogramed with but the chances that these will be close enough to your load are very slim. So dont buy them for this functon.
The bow mode on mine will give true horizontal distace to 310 yards but beyond that no.
So if you use these rangefinders you will still need ballistic tables for bullet drop and some trigonometry to get the true horizontal distance beyond 310 yards.
All in all I am a bit dissapointed in them They are let down by minor programming. Still the best on the market or the money though.
I emailed Bushnell about these issues and had a reply. It was not any help.
13 Oct 2011
@ 07:48 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Bushnell 1600 Binos
Thanks for the insight Dan. Yes, when we discover something is more of a gimmick than a useful function, it can have us feeling a bit jaded towards the product. Part of the trouble, besides trying to win over customers by whatever means, is the severe patents surrounding each laser range finder design. This not only effects design but is also why its taking so long to see new models appear and why companies like Sightron, who would love to have a BRF on the market, are struggling to get to the starting line.

All will be forgiven once you get into the field. The unit is exceptionally accurate and the angle feature will be of great benefit. There will be a day in the not so distant future when you pull of a great shot with your .308 out at some ridiculously long range and there will be no looking back regarding the BRF's.

I do prefer printed drop charts Dan. I was at a website a while back, a specialized long range site, there was a comment about how it is impossible to shoot long range without an I-app or other appropriate software. It was an odd comment as this type of technology is very new, people have been shooting long range since the development of the kentucky rifle. But there was definitely some merit in this, regarding changes in temperature, altitude, humidity etc, especially at extreme ranges. Nevertheless, I like to see my guys learn using the printed charts and learn to understand the effects of environment by experience. They may move on to some kind of live software and wind meters later but if they can learn as much as possible beforehand, it makes for a more solid foundation- even if it means several screwed up shots during the learning process. Along with this, the printed charts are very fast to use when the pressure is on, game moving back and forth by 10-20 yards, just on dark, that sort of thing.


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