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Sightron Binoculars

12 May 2022
@ 04:49 pm (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

Just wanting to note my experience with the Sightron SIII binoculars.
Apparently Sightron doesn't make SIII binoculars anymore, just SII. Some of the SII binoculars are quite good, but they seem inconsistent as I notice significant variations within the exact same models. Some are sharp and edge to edge, other seem poorer quality.
My experiences with the SIII binoculars has been all roses. I am partial to the 10x42 with the later models a bit better than the earlier, but that is just in fit and finish of the eyecups. Otherwise, the optics quality is uniformly first-rate. I just eBay-purchased a pair of SIII 8x32 (Magnesium) and they are of the same quality as all.
I have borrowed Swarovski's to compare, and switching from one to the other I can tell that the Swaros are better in low light, but not by much.
I can buy, used, four or five of the SIII binos for the cost of one pair of Swarovski, and I can, and do, hand these Sightrons out to my kids and others in the field with me. More eyes I think are better.
I'm not sure why Sightron has abandoned this SIII series.


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