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Sightron S-iii MOA Question - Zero Setting

16 Oct 2021
@ 02:37 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato


So many Sightron users here that maybe I don't have to bother Nathan with this one. Is there a way to set zero on the turret of the S-iii MOA so that you can turn it back to zero at the same spot every time?

I don't know if some of you put a mark there or if there is a way to loosen the top turret (which I have NOT done) or something else. I just want to be sure that when I move up for longer ranges I can move back down to the same spot.

Also, just for gossip I've had a few users of other, more expensive brands sort of sniff when I say Sightron but they don't sniff when they see it work.


29 Oct 2021
@ 02:46 pm (GMT)

David Landwehr

Re: Sightron S-iii MOA Question - Zero Setting
Lane, once zeroed I put a dot at the bottom of the turret with a bronze coloured sharpie to indicate the hight the turret should be. I then lossen the screw on top and rotate the turret to the zero line and retighten the turret screw.

I also take a photo of the final position for future reference.

If I ever change projectiles I use metho to remove the sharpie dot and rinse repeat.
29 Oct 2021
@ 02:54 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: Sightron S-iii MOA Question - Zero Setting

Thank you for your response. I had been hoping I could get someone else's method for this. Hope your hunting season goes well if you're in the United States. If your somewhere else I know season may not be upon you yet.

Thanks again,



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