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Scope suggests please

02 Jul 2021
@ 11:17 pm (GMT)

Michael O'Sullivan

Hi all ,
I have recently purchased a new Tikka 7mm rem mag at this present time it has a zeiss 3-15 x50 conquest on it which has served me well on my previous rifle a Browning AB3 270 win .I am yet to break in this rifle .At a later date I would like to purchase a new scope for this rifle ,the requirements would be something that is very good in low light at ranges around 100 yards but also capable to do precision long range shooting possibly out to 800 yards .The two I am keen on are Sightron s111 as I know Nathan is a big fan of these and Swarovski z5 4 -18x 40 .Cheers legends rmz


04 Jul 2021
@ 03:08 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Scope suggests please
Hi Michael. Sounds like you plan to put the Zeiss back on your 270 when you find a scope for your new rifle. If you’re happy with its low-light performance, you might be disappointed with a 44mm scope. Upgrading to a 30mm tube won’t improve low-light performance, but Sightron has the best tracking mechanics for long-range dialing, and would probably handle the recoil of your Tikka better. In low light, with game against a dark background, FFP is useless at low magnification. SFP reticle design also becomes more crucial, and is subjective . . . both psychologically and based on your individual visual acuity. A busy reticle might look cool at the range on a sunny day, but in the woods at twilight could be a hindrance. I don’t think anyone can answer your question except you.
04 Jul 2021
@ 04:17 am (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: Scope suggests please
Sightron S-3 8x24x50 is a good bet. I have two. They track well and are clear. The reticle is a bit small on some models but I love it.


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