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HIRAM 4-16 scope

14 May 2021
@ 02:26 pm (GMT)

jamel thomas

hiram $-16 scope is pretty good for beginners it has a green laser,flashlight to go with the scope as combo and its reasonable on amazon for $120 on amazon


16 May 2021
@ 07:43 am (GMT)

Hamish Gibbs

Re: HIRAM 4-16 scope
Hi Jamel, yep had to check it was not April 1st, thought it might be as Warwick suggested? But then thought back to the mistakes I've made when starting out.
Second best advice someone could tell you is a little story about a guy enters a store and asks how much the quality scope is, store owner tells him $800, he gets a fright and goes to other end of cabinet and points to $120 scope and asks what about that one? Owner says that it will cost him $920.
Confused customer asks how's that? Owner says you'll drop $120 on that and once it breaks and you realize what a POS it is you'll wait and save and be back in for the $800 scope.
First best advice is that in this world of marketing and BS it's a minefield out there and not all is what it seems unless you know how to look at it, high dollar products are not always the best.
How to avoid this? Go to the store on this site and start with the rifles book, if you can afford to buy them all do it, otherwise save and get one at a time, read them over and over til you understand, then you'll get why Warwick thought you were taking the piss.
The very first book will save you a lot more than the purchase price.
Good luck and enjoy your journey.
17 May 2021
@ 08:15 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: HIRAM 4-16 scope
Good call Hamish.... I hadn't thought that it maybe a young starter asking an innocent question and looking for advice....... My apologies Jamel and welcome to the forum..... The Book series is definitely the place to start if you're looking for information that'll see you right.... Please Don't let my initial comment put you off..... What Caliber and make of rifle do you have Jamel and what are you intending to hunt??? Take care Warwick


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