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Thoughts from left field

24 Apr 2021
@ 06:28 pm (GMT)


Serious question:
Has anyone released a digital rifle scope to replace the traditional optical rifle scope for daytime use yet?

I was watching some brilliant night vision/thermal pest control videos from the USA recently and it hit me - surely its just a matter of time before it's adapted for daytime hunting?

Semi-serious Question:
Imagine one of these thermal scopes, make it waterproof and adapted with both optical and digital zoom like a high-end Sony video camera. Setting your zero would be child's play, and imagine 1 - 200x variable scope power. You could program zeros with range proven ballistic data for different loads. Battery tech & reliability have both come a long way. You could say, capture video (& audio) to a micro USB or send video wirelessly to your smart phone via bluetooth and REALLY become a hero on Creed-Tik-Tube-Moor or whatevers the next social media sharing platform.

If you REALLY want to annoy the grumpy old beardos - imagine the stupid "Buck Rogers Gear" the tight-jeans, zero-fade set would drool-over. Ridiculous things like Augmented Reality tech that could be overlain on a headset like "Google Glass" or an AR visor . . . . I know, I know - really going too far but it's probably coming from Modern Warfare The next Generation video game . . . .


17 May 2021
@ 11:52 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Thoughts from left field
Sheep Fleecer........ Is this what your talking about?
31 May 2021
@ 10:18 pm (GMT)

Sheep Fleecer

Re: Thoughts from left field
Sheep Fleecer........ Is this what your talking about?

Hi Warwick,
No mate - I shoot a lot of video and am having a bit of a fever-dream about the lovechild from my S-TAC and my Sony camcorder.

The camcorder uses a OLED display even for the "viewfinder". The optical and digital zoom range is insane, and the built-in optical stabiliser is this thing is almost as good as having a gimbal.

What I'm hallucinating about is basically combining my Sony camcorder with its' insane optical and digital zoom, with a German number 4 illuminated reticule in the "viewfinder". Keep the 4K 60 fps recording functionality, and variable iris with variable ND filter.

Since this is all a stupid buck rogers fantasy, hell, why not add in a laser range finder set up with the ballistic data of your load workup and instead of a computer lighting up the right dot for you, why not have reticule tracking capability - ala "topgun" (c'mon - lock up baby - lock up - got tone, FIRING ! Deer invited to dinner . . . and complete footage uploaded to your You-Boob-Hero channel automagically)

Anyway, this is getting way too stupid. Hope you got a laugh.
01 Jun 2021
@ 05:13 am (GMT)

Michael Henderson

Re: Thoughts from left field
Hi Sheep fleecer,

There is such a thing, you even can get a range finder to add to it.

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Series Smart HD Digital Day/Night Rifle Scope 5-20x

I don’t own one, haven’t looked through one, but I’ve been contemplating getting one for shooting hogs and predators at night... jest can’t pull the trigger to buy one yet. The technology seem to be there, but I’d hate to get one and it only work for a year.

If anyone has one I’d love to hear about your experiences and impressions of it

It’s not all that stupid :)


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