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has the time come to go metric

05 Oct 2020
@ 10:18 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

i'm currently searching for a new scope for my hack rifle (270) and given that it appears lot of scope companies seem to be on a different planet to us hunters, I might have to go from moa to mils.

I seemed to have started pushing ranges out just that little bit before mil's become commonplace.
so even thou I am a metric kid I learnt to work in moa and yards.
it is a funny old world where you go cut 2m of 4" by 2" or you reload in mm's but measure groups in inches.

anyone has anyone swapped from moa to mil or run both, there's the old saying K.I.S.S keep it simple stupid.
so wondering if im going to cause myself issues by going to one mil scope.


07 Oct 2020
@ 07:33 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: has the time come to go metric
07 Oct 2020
@ 08:13 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: has the time come to go metric
Hi Thomas, it really depends on how you are set up. If your local range is in yards along with your range finder, its best to stay with MOA and vice versa.

Yes, it can be a pain changing around. I use both scopes and I am always having to watch I don't make some dumb mistake. So yes, its best to pick one and stick with it. As you say, the scope makers do seem to be on a diferent planet much of the time. It would be helpful if the scope makers adopted basic MOA MOA optics, 1 MOA reticles, evening or bush hunting put first (reticle thickness), LR second and extreme LR as a totally different product line.

A simple yard MOA MOA option would be the Leupold Freedom 4-12x40 with Tri MOA reticle and aftermarket elv turret (Reloaders supplies).

07 Oct 2020
@ 08:39 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: has the time come to go metric
Thank you for reply.
Might have to continue the endless search for the perfect scope.
That made me laugh.
I feel like this is scope manufacturers response when we ask for a decent mid zoom scope.

Just silly things like vortex lht is only offered in metric if you want 3-15x50.
Meopta does semi alright looking scopes in optik6 range but not dial turrets in sfp only ffp which ironic because aren't your more likely to dial in sfp?
Vixen look like they have some alright scopes but lot of the reticles are set at lower settings then max zoom.
The other problem is it's hard to see decent range of scopes in one place, sika show being cancelled this year is bit annoying as it tends to bring a wider range of scopes all into one place.
07 Oct 2020
@ 08:44 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: has the time come to go metric
My range is 100m long but moveable target stands,
Only thing being fixed is 22lr silhouettes which are great fun.
My range finders is changeable between m and yard.
So it's easy enough to change but like you point out it's better to have all scopes one or the other
13 Oct 2020
@ 04:22 pm (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: has the time come to go metric
I couldn’t find the aftermarket dial on Reloaders Supplies’s website, but that’s OK . . . I was just curious. It must clamp to the VX-Freedom’s plastic dial with set screws. Leopold’s “CDS” (Custom Dial System) version of the VX-Freedom offers a removable (and thus replaceable) dial that clamps via set screws to the aluminum shaft of the elevation turret. A plus is the dial can be zeroed. The downside is an extra $65 USD is added to the price of the scope for Leupold to make you a custom dial for your load. Supposedly, you give them them your MV, BC, & altitude, and they will make you a dial with yardage hash marks on it! Theoretically, maybe that’s possible. You zero at 100 yards at the range and set your customized dial to zero. Then, when you have a 500 yard shot at game, you simply set your custom dial to the 500 mark, and presto! DRT! Sounds fishy to me. Plus, they sell the same scopes with preset dials for the 450 Bushmaster and 350 Legend, for same price-point as the CDS versions. So they don’t have to make you a custom dial. Your stuck with useless yardage marks unless you happen to be shooting the same loads from the same barrel they used to figure them. Still, the CDS scopes come with MOA dials, which may be more economical than buying an aftermarket dial.
13 Oct 2020
@ 05:21 pm (GMT)

Brad Johnson

Re: has the time come to go metric
I hear you Thomas.
I think I’m metric for almost everything. Everything except people’s height, thanks to my parents discussing people’s height in imperial during my formative years.

Knowing NF’s endorsement for Sightron scopes I wanted to have the best odds for long eye relief and accurate turret adjustments.

The S-TAC 4-20 FFP Mil Hash scope is Sightron finally jumping on board to cater for metric in my opinion.
It has everything I was after:
Good zoom range starting at 3 or 4
Focus from 10 yard
Sightron’s exacTrack system
30mm tube 50mm objective
Hash markings for minimizing windage confusion vs Mil dot
Illuminated a blessing considering fine Reticle markings
Lifetime warranty
For $1206 AU delivered it was a more than the MOA versions but within my budget.

A 3-16 offering hasn’t been produced yet. But for your .270 the 4-20 zoom range will excel.

I still plan to include a windage column in feet as well as 0.1 MRAD clicks as per NF. As well as the 3” high at 100 yards -> 7cm high at 90 meters for my thin fingers is likely near enough.
A 100 yard rifle range is a bit over 91m, click values and maths are much easier for me in metric I’ve found.
I’d steer clear of BCD reticles. If I’m shooting beyond 300m i’ll be dialing up. The last book in the series was particularly helpful. If you haven’t read the series I highly recommend it.


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