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Sightron field of view

13 Aug 2020
@ 10:13 pm (GMT)

Brad Johnson

Hi all.
Just purchased my 1st rifle based on Nathan’s book series and this forum.
Remington 700 5R gen 1 308 20” stainless (non painted) barrel. Model 85200
My goals are for usage on pigs and deer (plus other pest species) in Australia. I expect, as my skills increase, for this to be versatile rifle up to a range of around or just past 500m.

I intend to purchase a Sightron S-TAC4-20X50FFPZSIRM
Model no 26016 - I think in meters not yards so want MRAD.

My questions relate to scope selection - primarily the field of view on Sightron scopes.

Doing further research after looking at some comparative reviews, it seems that for any given magnification Sightron scopes tend to have a 20-25% lower FOV.

1- I suspect this may have to do with the superior and patented tracking design, does anyone know if the FOV is indeed lower and reasons why?

2- is a smaller FOV an issue? My inexperience in hunting has me uncertain.

3- I gather/infer that Nathan places little emphasis on cross dominance of ones master eye, but I am most definitely (and tested) LEFT eye dominant while being RIGHT handed. I’ve found for example that if I look down the length of a pool cue with both eyes open and the cue lines up with my right eye I’m incredibly out of alignment.
Not being in the military (situational awareness), keeping my left eye closed while looking through a scope will not be an issue for long range work, but for close range (a charging boar perhaps) I wonder if a red dot mounted to the left of the scope may be helpful?
Of course there would be the issue of potential snagging/catching on brush/bush.
Tacticool schools of thought include tilting the rifle to bring a red dot into view - not my intent. I suspect Nathan that you have some strong thoughts on changing the angle of a high and wide rifle butt position?

Thanks and regards to all


16 Aug 2020
@ 10:18 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sightron field of view
Hi Brad, will break this down into two parts.

1. The FOV in some Sightrons may be less than that of other brands due to the fact that the actual zoom of a Sightron is in some instances higher than the advertized zoom for other brands (when both are set on the same power). More zoom = less field of view. I have sent photos to your email account so that you can observe this for yourself.

2. If you attempt to mount a red dot to the left and try to use this with the left eye, I believe you will still be looking across rather than directly in line with the optic. If you try to look through it with the right eye, there will be no benefit since the cheek is still off the stock and alignment still poor (relative to your body / rifle position). I suggest you close the left eye whether shooting close or long. Too much play is given by various 'authorities' to the subject of both eyes open shooting as it pertains to situational awareness. The entire NZ/Australia expedition forces had to use a very tiny leaf sight system through both world wars which required the lesser eye to remain closed. The peep sight on the No4 offered little more. If anything, having the offside eye closed would have helped keep all of the shit flying about out of the offside eye.

The major factor you need to focus on is the cheek reference point and the ability to set and reset in short order. Time and experience are the key to this and it is a somewhat perishable skill / habit. But if you can develop consistency and quick target acquisition, you will be able to look about with both eyes, then quickly hone in with one eye without losing your target. The long eye relief of the S-TAC will also help as you are not having to crowd into the optic.

Regarding scoped rifles, many young children have a great deal of trouble closing the left eye and keeping the right eye focused on target (or vice versa), even when they are right eye and right hand dominate and or with some form of weakness in the left eye. I have come to expect this as quite normal. As long as the child is determined to take in information using the offside eye, he or she cannot shoot a 4x scope accurately. It is only by blocking this information route that I can commence to settle them down and train them. Once the information route is closed, the child learns. Should the child learn to reopen the offside eye, I expect the brain will not take a great deal of information from that route. Again, this is relative to 4x scoped rifles.

Hope that helps a bit.
16 Aug 2020
@ 11:34 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sightron field of view
I Should mention, there are a range of positions from which a red dot can be mounted (on a rail, on a scope, 45 degrees left, 45 degrees right etc). A red dot is also ideal for both eyes open shooting. My main concern is the breakdown in technique and control when using the .308. For example, it is possible to have the cheek off the stock and little to no parallax error with a red dot, but there may still be a break down in the system (flinching / timing etc) due to a lack of consistent form.

If you want to try a red dot, I suggest holding off until you have become familiar with the S-TAC. If you still want to try a red dot, then perhaps look into a small holo sight, mounted to the scope at 45 degrees in order to clear both the parallax knob and elevation turret. Left mounting will most likely allow for the least amount of flinching. Baby steps.
16 Aug 2020
@ 08:03 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Sightron field of view
field of view is one of my pet subjects....
Im a bush hobbit so its very important to my style of hunting....short range/sub hundred yards/meters and need to find animal in scope quickly.
for ME a rifle needs to come up like a good shotgun...up to shoulder as bolt closes and Xhairs will already be on animal.
as a child I remember practicing "winking" each eye in turn....most times I close left eye when shooting,I can shoot both eyes open and very close range shotgunning at fast moving targets it gets done automatically.
4x at 50 yards /meters will pretty much make that 20-25% loss be stuff all in practicle terms....if boar is charging up close you will be barrel shooting anyway.
a good mate was over here from Sweden and had top of the line optics,we had deer in front of us 50 yards out and he couldnt find it in scope...I shot 2 yearlings with consecutive shots by having scope down on 3x.....when I looked through his scope I could see why he had trouble...too much magnification and poor field of view.if his scope was on lowest power setting he may have made the shot,its not as big of issue in open favourite M8 4X scope wont be as good as your sightron out there where ranges are longer..but I bet I can find animal in scope faster LOL.
17 Aug 2020
@ 02:29 am (GMT)

Brad Johnson

Re: Sightron field of view
Thank you both very much.
Yes I think practice and muscle memory bringing the rifle and scope to bear will give me more confidence.
Not the first time that resetting the scopes zoom to minimum has been mentioned.
I think minute of charging boar consideration shall be part of my practice and planned goals.
I will see how things go before jumping too far with planned gadgets.

Many thanks
01 Jan 2021
@ 10:06 pm (GMT)

Blair H

Re: Sightron field of view
I'm left eye dominant and right-handed. My uncle started me off shooting when I was very young (thanks Unc!) and he noticed me shouldering the rifle to my right but using my left eye. Simple answer was to swap to shooting left hand, and that was that! The thing is, my right eye is actually pretty stuffed - God remembered I couldn't be perfect and poked me in my right eye just before I popped out. Shooting using my right eye was never an option.

I remember (many,many moons ago) getting a boot from an NCO when a few of us from school got to shoot some M16s and SLRs with some NZDF guys. He told me the M16 would throw hot cases down my shirt if I tried to fire it left handed and he didn't want me jumping around with live rounds ready to go, so made me swap over. I couldn't hit a bloody thing. If someone had started shooting back I would have swapped back in a millisecond!!!

I've shot most deer from 6 feet to around 45m so this long range stuff is looking like a whole new world. I'm aware of the science, having had a good chat with a Mr Gunn after fixing his tractor a few years back. I like the idea, although it'll be probably all paper and Hong's for me.
24 Jan 2021
@ 02:12 pm (GMT)

Brad Johnson

Re: Sightron field of view
Hey Blair.
Sorry to hear about your eye. Sounds like shooting left handed is the way to go for you. Many modern assault rifles cater to lefties a lot better now, with the ability to swap sides of various parts.
Yeah I considered trying to shoot left handed but historically I’ve been uncoordinated as hell in other activities and it seams the left handed new and secondhand market is more limited.
I can close my left and use my right, I’m not in tactical or tacticool situations so it shouldn’t be a problem.
I do get a sore left eye squeezing in shut looking through scope so I’ll have to work on keeping it closed more gently.

So far my trials have found that with the illuminated reticle fairly bright I can open my left and have the reticle superimposed in my vision. Where the corners of the reticle would meet at the top right (at about 8x zoom) is quite on target, at least for minute of charging pig. Goes against the principle of keeping the magnification defaulted to minimum though. Wont hurt to give it a test on targets with some fireforming rounds.


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