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Reset stac to zero

07 Mar 2020
@ 05:13 pm (GMT)

Sam harris

Hi All,

Question for you; Ive just put a new stac on my rifle, went to sight it in and had to come up 17 MOA (seems like a lot). When I went to reset the turret to zero, I find I cant get it back on the 0 ring line - can only get it back to the 1st line.

Is there something im missing, or is this because I had to come up so much at the start?




08 Mar 2020
@ 07:36 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Reset stac to zero
Hi Sam, this is normal, there is nothing wrong with your optic. If you were using both canted rings and canted basis, you would most likely be on the negative 1 line.

Make yourself a manual drop chart. On the chart, write: Scope zero on +1 line. This note will prevent future confusion and negates the need for a zero stop mechanism.

Much more on this subject can be found in my book - Long Range Shooting.

All the best.
13 Mar 2020
@ 06:48 am (GMT)

Sam harris

Re: Reset stac to zero
Thanks Nathan


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