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Scope options

30 Oct 2013
@ 05:33 pm (GMT)

Ed Stewart

I am finally ready to purchase a new scope for the .270 but I am having trouble deciding what to get. I like the sightron S3 6-24x50 MOA but I am not sure if the 6 times zoom is a bit much for bush shooting. The other options I have been looking at are the Zeiss conquest HD5 5-25X50 and the the bushnell elite tactical 4.5-30x50. They are all about the same price but I have never used any if them so any feedback about any of them would be helpful.
Thanks, Ed.


31 Oct 2013
@ 03:12 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Scope options
Hi Ed, if you look at our shopping page, you will see that I have stopped selling Sightron. This is beacause a major NZ retailer had greater buying power than us and was able to import Sightron to NZ in bulk, obtaining better prices than us. I did not want to rip off my readers and clients when they have the option to save some money so we have opted out.

The good news is- this means I can say whatever I like about Sightron and remain unbiased.

To answer your question. I would not touch Zeiss with a barge poll sorry. Bushnell are nice, but the turrets are mis-calibrated.

The Sightron 6-24x50 is perfectly adequate for bush work. Target acquisition at 10 yards is perfect, the optics really are that good. At long ranges, the Sightron is a breeze to use.

That said, I am thinking that for bush work, I would rather see you utilize the mil dot model with turret covers and the more solid crosshair as opposed to a floating dot. But either way, you will be happy- simple as that. You will never regret the purchase. Its not often that we can say such things.
01 Nov 2013
@ 04:55 am (GMT)

Ed Stewart

Re: Scope options
Ok thanks Nathan.
Thats pretty much what I wanted to hear. Just didn't want to spend the money only to find out it was no use for bush stalking. So just the 6-24x50 LR MD? Which set up would you ideally use for rings and bases? A 0MOA base with Burris Zee rings canted to 20MOA or a 20MOA base with Leupold PRW rings or similar? And will I need medium or high rings?
01 Nov 2013
@ 03:26 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Scope options
Hi Ed, either or is fine. I like the canted rings because they are so kind to the scope, no potential stress.

Medium height rings will be optimal.
18 Nov 2013
@ 10:29 pm (GMT)

Brandon Maxwell

Re: Scope options
Since this is an international site, this info may not be helpful to everyone as SWFA has a USA only policy.

If you are looking for some close to medium range hunting, the SWFA 3-15 is just plain awesome. It has a guaranteed 36 mil-radians of elevation and wind-age. Plenty for most rifles. It is not HD glass, but very clear. I love it. Where it would really shine for bush hunting is its focus and power settings. It has a true focus adjustment down to 6 meters. On 3 power you have a 36 foot field of view at 100 yards. So together you can stand 5 feet from your truck have it set to 3 power and 6 meters on focus and look at every detail of your truck at point blank range. A quick adjustment of the side turret and you have a fine cross-hair with great field of view for close up action. For medium to long range just dial up the power. Has a truly clear picture all of the way to max power of 15.

It is also first focal plane and mil mil with a mil-quad reticle so that you can range with it. Some don't like the reticle but I have become used to it. I used it to shoot 850 930 and 1145 at rocks with rangefinder and nailed them. So good all around short to medium long range.

All of that for only 699.95. Hard to beat for us on a budget.

I also have the SWFA 5-20 HD illuminated model. A fine instrument. It makes the elk I was glassing at 1435 yards look a 100 years away it seems. No problem seeing bullet holes when shooting at good distance as well. A real beauty. A definitely heavier price tag at 1700.00 geared out, and at 5 min power not as good for close range even though it focuses down to 35 yards.

For what its worth.


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