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Scout Scope

19 Jan 2020
@ 06:35 pm (GMT)

Craig Williams

I've an 8x57 mm Yugoslavian Mauser. 29 1/4 inch barrel. I've chosen to go with a Scout Scope set up. Any thoughts on the 2-7x32 Burris Scout and the Badace mount. Anyone out there using this or a similar set up? I'm not looking for snobbery or hate just honest factual info based on experience with this type of or similar set up. I'm not rich nor am I looking for a mega dollar 1,000 yd rifle. I'm hunting out from woods out to medium range. The bore of the rifle is pristine as is the chamber. The action is good and tight in the European Elm stock. I'm looking at the Timney 3lb 2 stage trigger for better accuracy out to 500 yards using factory S&B (Sellier&Bellot) 196 gr SP or SPCE loads on meium size deer and wild hogs up to 220lbs. I appreciate and am grateful for any helpful input. Thanks much


14 Feb 2020
@ 03:28 am (GMT)

Michael Seager

Re: Scout Scope
Hi Craig,

Scout scopes have their uses if you want a scope that lets you mount forward of the action however they are not as good as a conventional scope of the same quality and specs.

If you can, check you can make the eye box work with the scope. Scout scopes can have a very small / unforgiving eyebox (meaning hard to get your eye in the right position to see clearly through the scope). I went for a 2.5x28 scout scope on my .44 mag lever I have a scout scope on.

Other option would be a red dot sight mounted in front of the front action bridge.

You may also find with the scout / forward mounted optics you might need a cheek riser (doesn't have to be fancy, but I'd reccommend you got something where you can alter the height to suit).

I'm sure you can make it work and 8x57 is a good hunting cartridge.

Enjoy your shooting!



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