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Out of adjustment

07 Jan 2020
@ 05:02 pm (GMT)

Ben Fransham

Hi guys,

I’ve got a 375 H&H that I recently scoped but I’ve run into problems with zeroing.

This morning after bore sighting, which I already had my doubts of being too low, I shot some old Hornady 300gr and worked the shot string up towards zero then shot three rounds of 235gr Speers I loaded this morning. I’m 7” low at 100yds and I’m out of ideas as the vertical adjustment is against the stop. The scope is a S&B Klassik in Optilock rings and all the mounting hardware has been torqued to the proper values.




15 Jan 2020
@ 01:14 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Out of adjustment
Hi Ben
Sorry for late reply if you haven't found solution yet I recommend the Burris scope rings with plastic canter inserts.
I had problems on parker hale mauser with left horizontal adjustment as scope base holes don't line up right.
I put canter inserts on sideways and solved the issue.
17 Jan 2020
@ 12:30 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Out of adjustment
You could try to shim the base, but by the sounds of it, you would be in the neighbourhood of a .020 - .030" shim pack. As a temporary fix, you could try this, but Thomas' suggestion of the Burris system has more merit as a long term permanent solution. Not sure where you reside, but I've been having problems finding the insert kits for the rings, so if you do go that route, pick up the whole shim pack kit when you get the rings.
17 Jan 2020
@ 01:12 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Out of adjustment
Hey Ben. you haven't accidently got a canted rail and fitted it on backwards? Measure and check everything. The problem is in front of you. You just have to check out every part carefully! Starting with the easiest things progressing to the hardest. Let us know what you find. ...


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