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Scope for 300 Win Mag

17 Oct 2013
@ 04:07 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

I have finally bought a long range rifle, still building it.

Remington 700 SS SPS with Bell and Carlson Medalist Alaskan 11 model 2461.

Jewell Trigger and Nightforce 20 MOA 2 piece bases. 2 Piece because my fingers are too big for a single rail.

Stock not yet bedded as I want to see if it shoots, if not I will rebarrel in 7mm Practical.

85% of shooting will be above 200 yards and up to 900 yards (will have to get my skills up) in daytime, dawn and dusk, not for spotlighting.

Scope will be a Nightforce NXS with Zero Stop, 56mm, .25 MOA turrets and Mil-Dot reticle. Nice and simple range finding reticle. If they made a MOA-DOT I would get that, but they don't.

Now the problem 5.5-22 or 8-32?

I like the 32 power option but not too keen on only 8 power for minimum. Has anyone found 8 power too high as a minimum? When pig shooting there is always a closer one when you only plan to shoot long range and lots of long range pigs when you take the woods rifle!!!!!



17 Oct 2013
@ 05:03 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Scope for 300 Win Mag
This is just my take on it.

22 power Mark. No point having a 32 power, then having to dial back to 22 to calibrate the reticle- unless it is FFP. Thing is, I teach my guys to use the reticle for wind, never dialing. Can't afford to fluff around anymore than we already do with long range work. I am not into this whole pissing about playing with kit for 20 minutes, I need my client on target, watching, waiting, feeling the wind, attuning his senses to all that is going on around him. He may have to make several adjustments in elevation as the animal moves forwards or backwards before it finally settles on a patch of good feed- which is enough mucking around in itself. Clients are also taught to stay on high power once they are in their fixed hide / sniping position, not zoom in and out. However- when leaving home / camp, the scopes are set on low power for close shots. This full zoom target acquisition takes practice. New clients want to dial to 6, then dial to full power (sometimes several times) or if using a 32 power scope, look over the scope and dial it to the 22 or 24 mid point- all lost time. So a level of concerted practice is required.

I have used 32 power scopes and ironically, I have never used the upper end in the field, either due to calibration or mirage.

Can be a bit different for target shooting or extreme range work (1700 yards etc). If extreme range shooting is on the cards in the future, then sure, go with 32 power.

Keep it simple.
17 Oct 2013
@ 08:14 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Re: Scope for 300 Win Mag
Thanks Nathan, excellent explanation. I will go with the 5.5-22x56
17 Oct 2013
@ 10:38 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: Scope for 300 Win Mag
I shoot the 8-32x56 Nightforce Z "moar". I'm in a different situation than you guys in the mountains. I'm shooting over soybean and corn fields in the Southeast , USA. We shoot from 2 man ladder stands on sandbags for a rest. Not any different than shooting from a benchrest really, just 20 feet off the ground. I usually have my scope set to 22-26, 28 tops. We dial all our shots instead of using the holdover points unless it calls for a faster shot. Our shooting time last until one hour after sunset, so the illuminated reticle is used quite often. By that time you have dialed your power setting back to 18-20. I can't think of a time when I've shot deer below 16 power, even at 100 yds. Both scopes are great and will last forever. It's just a matter of what fits your style of hunting. Good luck. And please stop talking about the 7 Practical, I want one soooooo bad! :-)


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