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weaver style bases

05 Oct 2013
@ 05:41 pm (GMT)

joseph eller

I would like to ask for your opinion on these. I recently purchased a rem 700 SPS in 270 win. It came with a scope already mounted on it. The bases are a dovetail style two piece. I changed the cheap Chinese scope off and put on another on for now. I zeroed the reticle using a mirror. After mounting it I was off 1 foot in 30 yds. have since purchased a Leopold one piece mount and medium rings. I am hoping with the windage adjustment I can zero the scope and not have to move the reticle over so much as I have to now. Hope this all makes sense.


06 Oct 2013
@ 04:01 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: weaver style bases
Hi Joseph. I generally bore sight at 100 yards on the target I am about to shoot. Just the basic old fashioned method.

Three things can cause a barrel to shoot way off. The scope base screws being drilled off centre, the recceiver threads for the barrel cut off center or a barrel with an extreme stress. I have seen all three over the years.

The windage bases are an adequate fix. When it eventually comes time to rebarrel, you can have the receiver threads trued. The only remaining variable after truing and fitting a custom barrel will be the scope base hole alignment.

when these things happen, we worry that our rifles are duds. Be careful not to go down this path. Give the rifle a good chance. With care and fine tuning, it may very well be a tack driver.


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