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New Leica Geovid HD-B rangefinder binoculars

09 Sep 2013
@ 02:13 am (GMT)

James R de Castro

Does anybody have any experience of these? Though quite pricey, they seem to have a whole lot of useful features - one unit and you get binoculars, rangefinder, temperature, pressure, angle to target, and a canned ballistics calculator with some programmability through a micro-SD card to enter custom loads. About the only thing missing is a wind meter.
I had a look at the online Leica calculator used to populate the micro-SD card and it seems to be done by G7. However, it does not seem to allow you to change the scope height nor the ambient conditions (temp and pressure) used during calibration testing, which could be an issue.
Field of view is 375 feet at 100 yards for the 10x, over 400 for the 8x
Anybody played with them?

Nathan - any thoughts? Also, would you generally prefer 8x or 10x?



09 Sep 2013
@ 06:04 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: New Leica Geovid HD-B rangefinder binoculars
News to me James. Not being able to input scope height is a major problem.

I went through a similar exercise a while back with a client who had some fancy Zeiss or Swaro scope with preset turrets and proprietary online software that was similarly limited. I could not not get the system to work in such a way that we could guarantee precision shot placement and killing at extended ranges. Gave upon the idea in the end.

Temp, pressure and angle are very useful features though. Give it another few years and no doubt we will be able to plug more precise inputs into the unit. Still, there is nothing wrong with having to use our own intellect.

I use a 10x42 Leica BRF and I do find that this unit is a game getter. I would find it difficult going back to 8x32 now, even though the 8x32 is lighter and more portable.



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