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M8 Leupolds

29 Jul 2019
@ 09:22 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

well I was going to post this in thread on always learning but computor playing up so put it here instead....probably where it should be anyway
a couple of years back I saw a 4power M8 on trademe that had just had factory dissapeared off my watchlist and I forgot about it...sneaky wife had bought it for me. put it on rifle and have loved it on every rifle its been on since. the wee norinco 7.62x39mm the BLR .308 and the ZASTAVA .308..... so as it cant be on more than one at a time I looked for another one...
nice chap had TWO sitting around so got them... fitted on to rifle and the other shorter one went onto .22lr...didnt think anything of it till another chap bought one on my recomendation and quickly had it back up for sale/swap..... got me thinking and out came measuring device...... it seems all M8 4x scopes are not equal...Ive got 3 and 3 different lengths!!!!! the origonal and definately the best is longest and also has larger rear eye piece/lens so it comes up slightly that scope simply "makes" my zastava .308 handle right which for a bush hobbit like myself is king...if rifle wont come up to eye like a good just wont cut it for me.

long winded story but it pays to check you are actually buying what you think you are....and if anyone has an older long M8 4x scope with large rear eyepiece DONT sell it,put it on a bush rifle and be happy.


01 Aug 2019
@ 01:01 pm (GMT)

John Smith

Re: M8 Leupolds
I have two Leupold M8's in 4 power on my rifles and
they are there to stay.
03 Aug 2019
@ 11:05 am (GMT)

John Smith

Re: M8 Leupolds
One of my Leupold M8-4x is 11 and 3/4" long.
The other one is 11 and 1/2" long. This one has
a mil dot.
01 Jan 2021
@ 09:43 pm (GMT)

Blair H

Re: M8 Leupolds
I've only ever owned one Leupold. Bought it new in 1991 and it's an M8. I love it and because I love it I can't measure it, hahaha! Shot a few decent groups with it too at 200yds at least. Not the best scope for a .270 these days though so I'm looking at swapping it for a Sightron. I won't get rid of it though.
27 Mar 2022
@ 02:16 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: M8 Leupolds
update....since typing out the origonal post,the two other m8 4x scopes have gone on to new loving homes LOL.... one was swapped for a fixed 6x M8 that was optically brilliant,it sat on a very nice 22lr and I sold it to a good mate just starting should last a lifetime on there ,man it is a sweet wee outfit.
and ....and .....and the nice courier man should turn up any day now with a fixed 3x M8 for me...older and been knocked around a bit but 40 feet at hundy yards FOV will be good. Ive had scopes on the .270 before with straight front of scope and really liked it for lack of knocking them around and ease of keeping dry when bush bashing in I dont often attempt shot past 350 yards I cant see the lower magnification being an issue...if it is,the 3x9 freedom will go back on and the 3x go onto 22lr...but somehow I cant see that happening.
12 Apr 2022
@ 07:17 pm (GMT)

Michael Seager

Re: M8 Leupolds
A fixed 4x scope can be quite a useful thing.

I have a West German Zeiss that I am hording. Funnily enough I use a Leupold 2.5x28 on my 44 mag lever action and got to love its simplicity.

24 Apr 2022
@ 11:44 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: M8 Leupolds
so the wee fixed 3 power is now proudly in place on the mighty .270 and the hind at 50 ish yards the other week was just too easy.
I did something a bit out of ordinary when mounting scope...its not an origonal idea,some folks have done it for years....the scope is mounted at 45 degrees so it has an X not the usual t sight good for you longer range fellas and would drive a person to drink if tried to dial up LOL....its challenging enough to rezero,you just have to think a little bit harder before making adjustments.
it has one advantage...and only one.....
X marks the spot.
there isnt a lot of trees growing at 45 degrees so in poor light picking up Xhair is marginally easier....and it means my buddies dont give me stick if the upright is off by 5 degrees....I have always struggled to get it correct...this way it just isnt isssue....
29 Apr 2022
@ 11:36 pm (GMT)

Michael Seager

Re: M8 Leupolds
Well done on the hind, Mike. We're out of many deer to hunt up here in the UK at the moment (Well, there are roe buck and muntjac but frankly the cover is a bit high for munties at the moment).

17 Aug 2023
@ 07:33 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: M8 Leupolds
Well my scopes get dizzy,I decide to change them good fixed 4x is back on the .270w .
the 3x sat on the .222rem for a bit and worked well..that now wearing a 1x4 pigplex

well Ive had a real deer drought over the last 4 months but the streak of poor luck has come to an end.
two days ago a 90lb sow at 150 yards dropped to a single round,old school 130grn silvertip went in just behing foreleg on one side taking out 2 ribs,exited through centre of offside leg...bits of lung were outside body,dressed out sow today and lost less than a cup full of meat loss
yesterday a young red stag at 250 yards suffered same fate,the 4x was perfectly enough for good shot placement. both animals hit in almost the exact same place,both walked less than 10 yards...the meat loss on both was less than cupfull of bloodshot meat

these old silvertips got a bad name for meat damage...cant see it myself LOL
lucky score saw 120 of them come my way..should be enough to see me out.


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