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M8 Leupolds

29 Jul 2019
@ 09:22 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

well I was going to post this in thread on always learning but computor playing up so put it here instead....probably where it should be anyway
a couple of years back I saw a 4power M8 on trademe that had just had factory dissapeared off my watchlist and I forgot about it...sneaky wife had bought it for me. put it on rifle and have loved it on every rifle its been on since. the wee norinco 7.62x39mm the BLR .308 and the ZASTAVA .308..... so as it cant be on more than one at a time I looked for another one...
nice chap had TWO sitting around so got them... fitted on to rifle and the other shorter one went onto .22lr...didnt think anything of it till another chap bought one on my recomendation and quickly had it back up for sale/swap..... got me thinking and out came measuring device...... it seems all M8 4x scopes are not equal...Ive got 3 and 3 different lengths!!!!! the origonal and definately the best is longest and also has larger rear eye piece/lens so it comes up slightly that scope simply "makes" my zastava .308 handle right which for a bush hobbit like myself is king...if rifle wont come up to eye like a good just wont cut it for me.

long winded story but it pays to check you are actually buying what you think you are....and if anyone has an older long M8 4x scope with large rear eyepiece DONT sell it,put it on a bush rifle and be happy.


01 Aug 2019
@ 01:01 pm (GMT)

John Smith

Re: M8 Leupolds
I have two Leupold M8's in 4 power on my rifles and
they are there to stay.
03 Aug 2019
@ 11:05 am (GMT)

John Smith

Re: M8 Leupolds
One of my Leupold M8-4x is 11 and 3/4" long.
The other one is 11 and 1/2" long. This one has
a mil dot.
01 Jan 2021
@ 09:43 pm (GMT)

Blair H

Re: M8 Leupolds
I've only ever owned one Leupold. Bought it new in 1991 and it's an M8. I love it and because I love it I can't measure it, hahaha! Shot a few decent groups with it too at 200yds at least. Not the best scope for a .270 these days though so I'm looking at swapping it for a Sightron. I won't get rid of it though.


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