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Kahles Scope

14 Jun 2019
@ 12:22 pm (GMT)

John Smith

This year I spurged and bought a sporterized Mauser 98 in 7x57. It
came with a Kahles 2x7 36mm scope with a plex recticle. I had never
heard of this Austrian scope and never had a scope higher than 4x.
Last week, at twenty-five yards, I put three shots through the same
hole. So of course I am happy with the scope. Have any of you
had experience with a Kahles scope?


14 Jun 2019
@ 05:53 pm (GMT)

tom winstanley

Re: Kahles Scope
I have one the same as yours on my 8x60S sporterised kar98az Mauser. I got it second-hand - optics perfect, finish slightly scuffed in places. I think it is a great practical scope for a walk-around rifle. I replaced a 4x fixed with it.

The thicker part of the plex cross-hair is not as heavy as I would like for low light, but I have not had a problem yet. The central, fine portion of the cross-hairs is small, which suits me (on another, heavier rifle, I have a large variable scope with 4a reticle. I would much prefer a 4 for the same reason, but it was an unboxed end of line deal...). I also like the fact that one can dial the scope without needing a coin, which seems less common for a covered turret. Optically and mechanically, it is as good as anything, and better than most - enjoy!


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